DC's Kingdom Come Gets Awesome LEGO Fan Tribute For 25th Anniversary

DC’s iconic Kingdom Come is celebrating its 25th anniversary since its release, and a fan has created a fitting LEGO tribute. Posted by Brick-Cucumber on Reddit, the future iteration of the Justice League each have their own corresponding mini figures.

When Alex Ross reinvented DC’s greatest heroes as older versions of themselves, the new suits took on lives of their own. Since Mark Waid’s Elseworlds story first debuted, the alternate take on Superman’s costume, the exoskeleton Bruce Wayne, and Wonder Woman’s gold armor have transcended comics into other mediums. It’s only a matter of time until the Kingdom Come interpretation of the DC Universe is adapted into LEGO sets. For now, a talented fan has brought the idea to life in fan art.

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In a Reddit post by Brick-Cucumber, the key characters of Kingdom Come are featured as LEGO mini figures. The post includes solo images of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, the Spectre, Shazam, and Father Goodwin. The fan also includes an Instagram page which posts similar content, @brick.cucumber. The Reddit user’s LEGO renders make fans wish the Kingdom Come versions of the heroes were actually sold in official sets. “A series of 7 renders I made to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Kingdom Come DC Comic. Hope you all enjoy!”








In recent years, LEGO has sold several alternate versions of DC’s most beloved heroes and villains. Alex Ross’ take on Wonder Woman has even come in the form of a LEGO set in connection to Wonder Woman 1984. As DC sets delve into more obscure territory meant to satisfy a specific demographic of longtime fans, it might not be long until these renders become a reality. Since Batman has been the main star of LEGO’s various superhero licenses, the Dark Knight’s worn down, armored look seems especially possible for a future set. 

While some fan-made LEGO concepts can feel like a reach, Brick-Cucumber’s pitch could be the exact type of work that the company might consider producing. Considering the positive response in comments, it’s clear that there is an audience for a line based on Waid and Ross’ older version of the DC Universe. As Kingdom Come commemorates 25 years, now is the perfect time for the publisher to team up with LEGO and give fans a version of these mini figures.

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