Breath Of The Wild Modder Takes Link On A Mind-Bending Trip

A modder has pushed the limits of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to their extreme, and the result is a mind-bending trip through Hyrule. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild may be over four years old, but that has done nothing to dampen fans' enthusiasm for Nintendo’s open world epic and the many secrets it contains.

Over the years, clever Breath of the Wild players have discovered tricks, combat maneuvers, and even technical exploits, whether through taking advantage of the game’s various glitches, partaking in fan made DLCs, or just experimenting with the game's deep mechanics. However, few if any fans of Nintendo's beloved open world game have pushed the game so far as to introduce the macabre skies and warped vistas that one modder has accidentally unleashed.

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Youtuber and modder Postposterous (via Nintendo Life) has recently discovered that, should one “mess around… and (mod) random things” within Breath of the Wild, it is possible to enter some sort of hellish Hylian dimension. The results of Postposterous’ ongoing fiddling turn Hyrule’s once pleasant and colorful landscape into a world of inky blackness. Around Link, the previously azure waters instead resemble crude oil, while the wind around him blows at an alarming rate. Meanwhile, the kingdom's trees no longer sway serenely in the breeze. Instead, the palm tree fronds around Breath of the Wild’s Lurelin Village aggressively stab at the ground. There even appears to be some kind of Halo ring in the skies above. In the words of Postposterous, “If there was ever a nightmare mode for Breath of the Wild, this would be it.”

See the original video on YouTube here.

This is not the only unusual Breath of the Wild find that Postposterous has unearthed during their playthroughs and manipulations. Recently, the modder also found a way to increase Link’s in-game sunburn mechanic. While a standard playthrough of Breath of the Wild will see Link being affected by the sun in areas where exposure is at it highest, such as the Gerudo Wastelands, the overall effect is usually limited to about 4%. However, Postposterous managed to use their meddling prowess to give Link a sunburn of 10%, before frying the Hylian hero to a crispy 100% sunburnt.

While Breath of the Wild videos such as these by Postposterous are certainly amusing, fans are now eager to hear more about the game’s upcoming sequel. Nintendo has remained very tight lipped about 2022’s Breath of the Wild 2, not even revealing the game’s official name. Many are hoping to hear more about it at the upcoming Game Awards, where it is nominated for Most Anticipated Game alongside Elden Ring and Starfield. The event’s organizer Geoff Keighley has disclosed that there are already several wrong rumors surrounding this year’s Game Awards making the rounds on the internet, however, meaning that BOTW 2 may not actually be shown after all.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Postposterous/YouTube (via Nintendo Life)

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