Black Panther's Killmonger Just Got an Asgardian Armor Upgrade

Warning: contains spoilers for Avengers #51!

Eric Killmonger is one of Black Panther’s greatest foes, and in an alternate timeline, he received an Asgardian upgrade. In Avengers #51, on sale now in print and digital, the team runs afoul of a Killmonger variant from another timeline, wearing a Destroyer suit stolen from Asgard, and with this fierce new weapon, he plans to unleash havoc on Earth-616.

Killmonger first appeared in 1973’s Jungle Action #6, created by Don McGregor and Rich Buckler. Born in Wakanda as N’Jadaka, Killmonger was taken from his country and raised abroad, his name changed. Growing up with nothing but anger and hatred in his heart - towards both his captors and Black Panther - he would go on to study at the best schools in America before becoming a mercenary. Killmonger has since crossed paths with Black Panther on many occasions. Most recently, he was resurrected by the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda, whose emperor also bore the name N’Jadaka. The Emperor sought to take control of Killmonger’s body, but the two ended up sharing one body—a move that led to their undoing. While the 616 Killmonger may be out for the count, a new variant has arrived in Avengers #51, written by Jason Aaron, with art by Juan Frigeri, colors by David Curiel, and letters by Cory Petit. And this new version is stronger and more brutal, thanks to an Asgardian upgrade.

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Mephisto has created a multiversal Masters of Evil, sending them to different realities, targeting each world’s heroes. An army of Deathloks opposes him, and one tracks Thor and Iron Man to Asgard to deliver a warning. But before he can get it out, the Deathlok is impaled by what appear to be Wolverine’s claws. Readers then see it is indeed a Wolverine variant, but one emptied of any kind of independent thought. Also, part of the attacking party is Eric Killmonger, wearing a Red Asgardian Destroyer armor. When this Killmonger variant arrives on Asgard, he is pleased, seeing another Asgard ripe for the picking. He immediately engages Thor in combat, boasting of how he killed Thor in an alternate timeline; this Killmonger variant also has a Vibranium ax he refers to as “the Storm-Slayer.”

This new variant of Killmonger is far more brutal, and powerful, than any version seen to date. A large part of this is thanks to his new Destroyer armor, which he has used to defeat Black Panthers, Sorcerers Supreme, and Thors from across the multiverse. His Storm-Slayer axe is impressive as well. These Asgardian upgrades may explain why this version is so much deadlier, since these fantastic weapons grant him far more destructive power than the 616 version, letting him realize his full potential. The armor and axe have emboldened Killmonger, allowing him to truly live up to his name.

Eric Killmonger is bad news in any timeline, but a new variant, with Asgardian weapons and armor, maybe the worst yet. And this new, deadlier variant has set his sights not just on Black Panther, but the entire multiverse.

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