Batman Celebrates Solving His Cases in the Most Heartwarming Ways

Warning: Spoilers for Batman #118!

The steadfast protector of Gotham CityBatman, is known to be one of the most stoic and stand-offish heroes in DC Comics, but after solving a particularly hard case, Batman celebrates in ways that are surprisingly more human than expected. Let’s just say spending time with the people he cares about most is far more important to him than he’s ever truly let on.

Shown in Batman #118, by Joshua Williamson, Jorge Molina, and Mikel Janin, Batman celebrating in ways that show off the softer side of him is a character detail that deserves to be showcased. Cautiously watching over Gotham in the aftermath of the recently concluded Fear State event, Batman is sidetracked by the appearance of a hot-headed rogue of his named Firefly as he infiltrates a costume party with a bat-villain theme.

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Dispatching Firefly and the other goons disguised as The Dark Knight's greatest foes in the crowd, Batman steals into the night and begins to chat away with Oracle over comms. Talking about how weird it feels to be celebrated by his city, Oracle insists that he deserves the recognition, even going so far as to ask Batman what he did in the past after solving a big case. Taking a moment to think it over, the following page’s art depicts several instances of exactly how Batman used to celebrate after thwarting the cowardly and superstitious lot he dedicates his life to eradicating.

Showing an image of himself and previous Commissioner of the GCPD, James Gordon, enjoying a sunrise (or sunset) on the top of the police precinct where the bat-signal is kept, the art further depicts Batman enjoying a handful of rare moments with his closest friends and confidants in ways that he isn’t usually seen doing. Next shown looking on proudly as Robin plays with their in-cave bat-canine, Batman is also seen recounting an intimate kiss with Catwoman under a full moon, palling it up (sans mask) with his buddy Superman, and even taking time out of his hero schedule to have a quiet battle of the minds with Alfred via playing chess with him beside a roaring fire. And to top it all off, Bats is even smiling in more than one of these memories!

Not one to wear his heart on his sleeve unless you really know the guy (and even then he’s a tough nut to crack), Batman reminiscing on numerous past times that meant the most to him after a hard night’s work are something that should be seen more often in comics. These moments are not only rare in their depiction, but Batman specifically choosing to think on his greatest friends, family members, and ex-lover is a telltale sign that he has a much bigger heart than fans give him credit for, no doubt warming the feels of anyone paying attention to his recent trials and tribulations and proving that it’s not always doom and gloom for this Caped Crusader.

So while Batman will and always has been synonymous with brooding and the darkness of the night, he is also shown to have special ways of celebrating his greatest victories that effectively make him seem far more human than ever before. Batman may not admit it outright, but his friends and family are at the very heart of what he does, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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