Avengers' Wasp Gets the Steampunk Redesign She Deserves in New Fan Art

Despite being one of Marvel’s oldest heroes and a founding member of the Avengers, the Wasp rarely gets the credit she is due, but now she's gotten the awesome steampunk redesign she deserves, courtesy of artist Mindy Lee. The new look not only acknowledges the character’s past, but redefines her for a new era.

The Wasp is Janet Dan Dyne, a former lab assistant and lover to Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man. First appearing in 1963’s Tales to Astonish #44, Wasp was the socialite daughter of prominent scientist Vernon Van Dyne. When her father was killed by extraterrestrials, she joined forces with Ant-Man to bring the aliens to justice, using Pym Particles and a suit equipped with wings. Soon, she would join Ant-Man as a founding member of the Avengers. The Wasp served on the team for many years and even served as the team’s chair at one point. She was believed to have perished during Secret Invasion but was found in the Microverse, leading an uprising against an evil tyrant. The Wasp has been many things: hero, Avenger, wife, and freedom fighter, yet it feels like she never gets the credit she deserves—until now, thanks to an awesome redesign.

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In a series of Twitter posts, artist Mindy Lee (Bounty, Crimson Lotus) shared an epic, steampunk-influenced redesign of the Wasp, using the hashtag “Fan Art Friday.” The first Tweet provided fans with a close-up shot of the steampunk Wasp. Sticking to the black and yellow colors of wasps in nature, Janet is wearing a black helmet resembling a wasp’s head, complete with big eyes and antenna. She has a pair of wings, also resembling a wasp’s. While the Wasp's uniform is practical, stressing functionality over aesthetics, a fur accent hangs around her neck—a shout-out to her fashionista background as well as to the fur on wasps. The second Tweet shows not only a shot of steampunk Wasp in action, but also some of Lee’s inspirations in creating the sketches. Both have been well received by fans, with first garnering over a thousand likes.

The Wasp was a long-time lover of Hank Pym, and, unfortunately, this relationship has come to define much of her character, ignoring the various heroic roles she has held over the years. This does the character a great disservice, cheapening her role in the Marvel Universe. But Mindy Lee’s steampunk redesign goes a long way in correcting these misconceptions. Here, the Wasp exudes confidence, ready to lead a team of Avengers into battle - and in style.

The Wasp is integral to the Marvel Universe. She's a founding member of the Avengers, yet she often gets overlooked in discussions about the team. Now, an epic steampunk redesign captures all that is great about her and what she brings to the Avengers table.

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