Animal Crossing Player's Sea Cove Is An Unreal Optical Illusion

A breathtaking Animal Crossing: New Horizons home design turns a player's house into a gorgeous sea cove with the help of an optical illusion. Nintendo's social simulation title lets players design, build and customize their very own island village complete with a community of non-player critters. Animal Crossing's 2.0 update and DLC, titled Happy Home Paradise, added a wide selection of new content to the game back in November, capping off Nintendo's post-launch support.

While Animal Crossing: New Horizons featured a wide variety of content at launch, the joint release of the free 2.0 update and the paid Happy Home Paradise DLC greatly enhanced the game. The free update added brand-new features for all players to enjoy such as Brewster's Cafe, which provides a place to relax with neighbors. Other additions introduced Kapp'n's Island Tours, an open market for traveling merchants, and storage sheds for keeping resources safe. Meanwhile, purchasing Happy Home Paradise adds the Paradise Planning Portfolio, which increased players' interior decorating skills with new items and techniques. These new tools have allowed for impressive constructions such as a sweet Animal Crossing maple sugar shack house that rings in the holidays with some festive treats.

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Showing off a mastery of Animal Crossing: New Horizons' tools, Reddit user moni_acnh has turned their home into an impressive sea cove optical illusion. The residence is completely transformed to resemble a small oceanic cave, complete with a boat and Timmy Nook floating on a pillow. The effect was achieved using a large variety of resources, such as custom Glow-in-the-Dark stickers for the walls, and Galaxy flooring for the water. The Ocean-Horizon wallpaper provides the ocean, Ruins wallpaper creates the rocky texture, and custom Glowing Moss stickers tie the whole cove's aesthetic together. While sailing out of the cave and over the horizon looks incredibly tempting, sadly, the design is only an illusion.

The sea cove crafted by moni_acnh is a gorgeous aquatic example of what can be achieved in the latest Animal Crossing game, and other skilled players have also used Animal Crossing to create optical illusions to similar effect. The Redditor's build shows how flexible ACNH is when it comes to designing, with its wide range of decorative items needing just a little imagination to appear to transcend what the game is typically capable of. With a huge number of tools and resources available, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and its expansion allow players to customize homes to their heart's content.

While players are still enjoying the new range of items recently added to Animal Crossing, there won't be any similar substantial game updates in the future. When Nintendo revealed the 2.0 update in an ACNH-focused Nintendo Direct, the company also confirmed that the game won't be getting any large updates again. This means that, while new items and tools seem fresh right now, players might soon be calling out for new content. Despite this, users will still see the occasional new item release in Animal Crossing, with seasonal drops regularly introducing small bites of new content.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

Source: moni_acnh/Reddit

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