And Just Like That Is Suggesting That Miranda Has A Drinking Problem

In the first two episodes of And Just Like That, the series seemed to be suggesting that Miranda may be struggling with an alcohol addiction issue. The new series, a spin-off of the original Sex and the City introduced several new storylines for the key cast, as well as an overreaching storyline involving the absent Samantha Jones, originally played by Kim Cattrall. However, Miranda, played by Cynthia Nixon, might be dealing with one of the more serious subplots in the new series.

In the series’ first two episodes, viewers learned that Miranda had enrolled in a new grad school program at Columbia to study human rights law. Anxious about returning to school surrounded by significantly younger students, Miranda made a stop at a small bar near campus the morning of her first seminar. By episode 2, Miranda, nervous to deliver the eulogy for another Sex and the City character, also headed to the service’s bar to procure a drink for herself to steady her nerves.

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In both instances, And Just Like That seemed to be suggesting that Miranda may have a serious drinking problem, and is using alcohol in inappropriate situations, leading to occasional outbursts or other uncomfortable social interactions. In each of these Miranda scenes, her drinking led to either a disastrously embarrassing conversation with her Columbia law professor as well as an aggressive outburst at Carrie’s new podcasting boss. In this way, And Just Like That is likely teasing an arc veering towards self-destruction for perhaps the most put-together of all of Sex and the City’s cast.

As Miranda headed towards her first Columbia class and stopped at a nearby bar, she asked the bartender for a drink, though the bartender reminded her that they don’t open until 11 am. Despite the hour, and her upcoming class, Miranda insisted that she’d stay and wait until opening. This scene isn’t returned to later on in the premiere, however, she seemed visibly off-kilter in her first class, which lead her to misidentify her professor as another student, as well as make an inappropriate comment about her braided hair. In the original series, Miranda was never someone prone to this type of erratic behavior, suggesting her alcohol problem may be the cause of this incident.

Additionally, as she prepared to make her eulogy (for a huge character from the original series), she tried to convince the funeral’s bartender to serve her a drink, even after the bartender told her they won’t be serving until after the ceremony. Miranda insisted, citing that her husband provided the liquor. Furthermore, she also suggested that there may not be “enough wine for everyone else,” and asked the bartender for a harder drink prior to speaking. Later, Miranda very publicly denounced Carrie’s new podcasting boss in front of many of the funeral’s guests. In the past, Miranda was never known to be prone to public outbursts, even walking away from heated conflicts in the original series, hinting this could be another result of her alcohol abuse.

In the first two episodes of the new series, the show has not steered away from introducing proactive, dramatic storylines, including serious storylines about the absent Samantha Jones. Many of these storylines and subplots, much like the original series, are grounded in real-life issues. In the past, Miranda had coped with the death of a parent, eldercare for an in-law with Alzheimer’s, and more. Perhaps, with the alcohol subplot, And Just Like That has introduced another intense, thought-provoking issue for Miranda to contend with over the course of the series.

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