Agents of SHIELD Ghost Rider Actor Is Ready for MCU Return

Former Agents of SHIELD star Gabriel Luna is ready to play Ghost Rider again in the MCU should the call ever come. Recent MCU projects have renewed talk over whether certain Marvel television shows are canon within the franchise. The dissolution of Marvel Television seemed to cut those like Agents of SHIELD and Daredevil off from the broader universe; recent projects, like WandaVision, even directly contradicted events that happened in those shows. The powers that be over at Marvel have given conflicting responses to the question of the previous shows' places within canon.

However, two of the MCU's most recent offerings have turned everything on its head. Disney+ series Hawkeye brought back Daredevil's fan favorite villain Kingpin (Vincent D'Onofrio) for its final two episodes, while Spider-Man: No Way Home featured a brief scene with Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox). By this new logic, the Netflix shows appear to be MCU canon, but Agents of SHIELD's status remains as vague as ever. Complicating matters even more are the growing rumors that Marvel is looking to reboot Ghost Rider, a character who had a part in Agents of SHIELD season 4.

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For his part, Agents of SHIELD star Gabriel Luna would happily play Ghost Rider in the MCU. On social media, Luna responded to some fan art created by BossLogic that brings his iteration of Robbie Reyes back to the MCU. Sharing some fire and skull emojis, Luna wrote, "#stayreadysoyoudonthavetogetready," hinting he's always been ready to receive the call to return.

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In playing Robbie on Agents of SHIELD, Luna became the first actor to play that Ghost Rider iteration in a film or television show. His season 4 arc was so well-received, a spin-off series was briefly in development over at Hulu. However, Marvel pulled the plug on that in 2019 as the studio turned its sights on the Disney+ shows. Nowadays, there are rumors that Marvel is developing a new Ghost Rider streaming show, though those are far from confirmed.

Though fans have tossed around names like Norman Reedus and Keanu Reeves for the MCU's Ghost Rider, it would make a lot of sense to bring Luna back. Not only is his performance beloved by fans, but it would help bring some clarity to whether Agents of SHIELD is canon after all. Robbie is arguably an easier Agents of SHIELD character to connect to the MCU, since his more fantastical nature can help smooth over potential plot holes. Luna is clearly interested in playing Ghost Rider again, and it would be exciting to see him get the storyline he was denied when the spin-off was cancelled. Of course, Marvel's plans for Ghost Rider remain a mystery, so fans will just have to wait and see what the future holds.

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