90 Day Fiancé: Why The Dating Advice Natalie Got From Friends Is Dangerous

Natalie Mordovtseva is having a difficult time on 90 Day: The Single Life with getting back into dating, and her friends are making it even worse by giving her awful advice. The 90 Day Fiancé franchise star began dating a model named Johnny who got grabby with Natalie while they were on a date. Now, Natalie’s friends are urging her to give Johnny a second chance, and they’re giving Natalie dangerous advice.

After her disastrous marriage to Mike Youngquist, Natalie is starting to date again, and her first was a blind date with fellow aspiring model, Johnny. They had some things in common, but most viewers thought their date was painfully awkward. Regardless, Natalie agreed to see Johnny again. On their second date, Natalie made it clear that she wasn’t comfortable with PDA so early in a relationship, but Johnny tried to kiss her anyway. Natalie rightfully slapped him, and Johnny was entirely inappropriate. However, when Natalie recounted the event to a couple of friends, they were quick to criticize her, and that’s hugely problematic.

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Natalie’s friends were judging her for being too prudish with Johnny, saying she might “miss out some good stuff out there” if she doesn’t step outside her comfort zone. Although Natalie’s friends think the 90 Day Fiancé star is being unreasonable, Natalie is definitely not out of line to establish boundaries. Her friends are judging her for not letting Johnny kiss her, but in reality it was only their second date. And even if it wasn’t, if Natalie doesn’t feel comfortable with getting physical, her wishes should be respected. Johnny knew what Natalie’s boundaries were, and he violated them anyway.

Setting boundaries is not only perfectly fine, it’s actually healthy and self-aware. It’s not ok for anyone to make Natalie feel like she shouldn’t have agency over her own body. He friend argued that Natalie will miss out on “good stuff” if she doesn’t let her walls down, but it’s not really “good stuff” if it makes Natalie feel uncomfortable. She shouldn’t just be looking for someone to give her the family and babies she wants, Natalie should also be looking for someone who respects her.  The advice Natalie’s friends gave her is downright dangerous and implies that Natalie’s feelings and boundaries are less important than a man’s desires.

Though the 90 Day: The Single Life star is usually on the receiving end of viewer criticism, Natalie has earned unexpected fan support after they saw Johnny’s creepy behavior towards her. Natalie’s friends should have had her back and reassured her that she never needs to do anything physically that she’s not comfortable with, but instead they took Johnny’s side. Natalie, like absolutely everyone else, has the right to set boundaries for herself that should be respected. Although Natalie is often controversial, this time it’s her friends who are in the wrong.

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