90 Day Fiancé: Signs That Kim & Usman Are Still Together

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days newcomers Kim Menzies and Usman ‘Sojaboy’ Umar met for the first time in a recent episode, and though sparks didn’t fly the way Kim had hoped, there are signs that this couple might still be together. It seems like Usman is keeping his distance after his disastrous previous 90 Day Fiancé relationship with Lisa Hamme. At this point on the show, things don’t look great for Kim and Usman. On the other hand, there are several social media clues that indicate the two are likely still together.

This season, Kim has been introduced as Sojaboy’s number one fan. But ever since his marriage to Baby Girl Lisa fell apart, Usman has been hesitant to go all-in with another older American woman. Despite the fact that Usman seems legitimately wary, some fans still think that he could be using Kim. Overall, there are many differences between Kim and Usman’s ex-wife Lisa. When the two finally met on a recent episode, Kim showered Usman with gifts, including a new laptop and a PlayStation 5. However, Usman still declined to spend the night with Kim in her suite. The trip is not off to a good start for Kim, but there are signs that things could get better.

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Kim and Usman are both very active on their respective Instagram profiles, and their social media activity could hold a lot of clues. Usman and Kim both follow each other on Instagram and regularly like each other’s posts, which would indicate they’re at least on good terms. Recently, Usman posted a photo of Kim’s son Jamal and even tagged him in the post, which was liked by Kim. Jamal also follows Usman, and though he has only occasionally liked his posts, Jamal isn’t very active on Instagram, which could explain his lack of social media likes. In general, though, there’s a lot of social media activity between Kim, Usman, and Jamal, and that suggests that Usman and Kim are at least friends - or perhaps something more.

Many fans expect a breakup from Lisa and Usman based on the trailer for season 5, but previews can be misleading. TLC loves to misdirect viewers, and often the most dramatic couples in a trailer are the ones with relationships that last the longest. A major fight between Kim and Usman was teased in the preview that showed Kim throwing a drink in Usman’s face. Though the trailer makes it seem like Kim is just like Lisa, that footage could be strategic. If Kim and Usman’s relationship was really that explosive, TLC wouldn’t have shown so much of it in the trailer.

Viewers are deeply skeptical of Kim and Usman’s relationship on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days. Many fans think that both of them could be using the other in some way. Alas, there’s a chance that they could be the real deal. It’s possible that Kim and Usman are on friendly - but not romantic - terms after the show, but there are also strong indicators that the two emerged from season 5 as a legitimate couple.

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