90 Day Fiancé: Kim Gets Annoyed After Usman Decides To Meet New Woman

The preview of the upcoming episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days shows that Kim Menzies is irritated to see Usman Umar prioritize meeting another woman while she is in town to be by his side. It isn't the first time Usman will have to deal with a jealous partner. In the last season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Lisa Hamme also attacked him when he messaged a female adult star. Usman clarified that the mystery woman had millions of followers, and he would like her to promote his music on her Instagram.

Usman explained that he would respond to her messages because he is a budding musician who wants to promote his songs. While many 90 Day Fiancé viewers understood Usman's point of view, Lisa hated it. Later on, she returned to the United States, and Usman eventually filed for divorce from her. The Nigerian rapper is now again dating an American woman in her early 50s. He has invited Kim to Tanzania to see he can take this relationship to the next level.

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Usman and his management team have decided to meet a female musician, and the San Diego resident Kim isn't thrilled about that. Usman's team suggested that he should go to this business meeting alone, but the 32-year-old reality star insisted on bringing his potential girlfriend. During a confessional, Kim said, "What the hell is going on? Because you invited me here. So, why are we going to meet some other chick. I don't understand." Kim wondered if Usman's team planned this business meeting on purpose to push her out of the way. Check out the video shared by 90 Day Fiancé on YouTube:

She will join Usman in his meeting with the female musician, but she won't tolerate it if the discussion strays from the business. Kim said, "If I do see any kind of, like flirty flirty thing going on with Usman and this chick, I mean, I will get up. I'll flip the table and walk out. Cause, I don't play that." Many viewers think that the mother of one Kim is delusional and acts like a teenager. A fan said, "When I see Kim and Usman together it's like a comedy skit." Another chimed in, "I'm so embarrassed for Kim she needs to know that she deserves someone who loves her."

It looks like Kim is overreacting. Usman will have a business meeting with the female musician, and she shouldn't be joining him. She has already allowed Usman to have a second wife and have children with her. Therefore, it doesn't make sense why she is now getting jealous when her boyfriend wants to meet another woman. Fans think that Kim and Usman's storyline has become quite confusing. The duo isn't in a relationship yet, but the 50-year-old reality star is showering her young boyfriend with expensive gifts. So far, it doesn't look like Usman and Kim have any chemistry. But there is still a possibility that this 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days couple may defy the odds and become romantic partners.

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