90 Day Fiancé: Fans Defend Ariela Weinberg's Relationship With Her Ex

Ariela Weinberg has received the wrath of 90 Day Fiancé fans, and the questioning didn't stop at the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 3 Tell-All. The partner of Biniyam Shibre saw her ex-husband Leandro Fosque once again arrive to discuss their relationship. This led to Ariela’s fellow cast members frowning on her close relationship with her ex-husband. However, some 90 Day Fiancé fans pointed out that Biniyam did not receive the same judgment for his close relationship with his ex-girlfriend Tsion Getaneh

Though Ariela is in a committed relationship with Biniyam, Leandro is still an important part of her life. Before Steven Johnston easily took over to be The Other Way season 3 villain, Ariela received much backlash from fans for having Leandro visit her, Biniyam, and baby Aviel in Ethiopia. Viewers slammed Ariela for being disrespectful to Biniyam, who appeared shaken at the prospect of losing his partner and son to another man. However, Biniyam also has a close relationship with his gorgeous ex-girlfriend Tsion. The two intimately dance together professionally and often rehearse and spend time around each other one-on-one.

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U/Humanbean714 took to Reddit to bring up the unfair responses Ariela receives from fans. "Why doesn’t anyone bring up that Bini still talked and worked with his ex but they’re always giving Ari a hard time for talking to hers? He dances with his ex and smacks her a** like bongos but that is ok I guess?!" the user asked while watching the Tell-All. Some viewers theorized that critics might be jealous of Ariela, since Biniyam is popular among fans. However, others pointed out that he still deserves to be called out for his behavior, especially since he was accused of cheating on Ariela. Multiple viewers claimed that the way Ariela was harshly judged boiled down to misogyny among fans. “The misogyny in this sub in how they talk about Ari… yikes,” one user wrote. “The sexism is obvious,” another fan agreed.

While viewers pointed out that Biniyam receives fan sympathy that is withheld from Ariela, others thought that the most sympathetic person was actually Leandro. Leandro was still married to Ariela when she broke the news to him that she had gotten pregnant by another man while traveling. “I actually think Leandro got more of a raw deal than Ari. He was the one who was wronged, and he's the bad guy for trying to maintain at least a friendship,” one user pointed out. Others maintained that what Biniyam and Tsion do together isn’t the same as Ariela and Leandro’s relationship. “They're dance partners. Bini isn't inviting his ex to come stay with them and flirting with her Infront of Ari,” another user pointed out. However, Biniyam also raised suspicions for potentially cheating on Ariela while she was in the US for their son's surgery.

Ariela might have received the bulk of criticism from viewers while the first few episodes of The Other Way season 3 aired, but the returning cast member quickly saw her villain status fade as Steven became the number one source of fan anger. The Mormon man was slammed by franchise fans for using his faith to control his now-wife Alina even though he doesn't abide by the teachings of his church. Ariela and Steven also got into a verbal spat at the Tell-All, which saw Ariela walking away with the support of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way viewers after she called Steven out for cheating on Alina by talking to multiple women. Therefore, Ariela has seen her reputation among franchise fans improve- even though Biniyam receives far more leniency from viewers.

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Source: u/Humanbean714/Reddit

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