8 Mistakes From The MCU That The Hawkeye Disney+ Series Couldn’t Avoid

The Disney+ series Hawkeye has been another success for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this time bringing in original Avenger Clint Barton as the main lead. While Clint’s association with Kate was done justice, there were plenty of other elements that were left wanting... and that the MCU is known to repeat.

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They end up as mistakes on the franchise’s part because fans aren’t left with complete resolutions over things like what happened to the characters or what the future is supposed to look like. While the quality of Hawkeye far outpaces the negative aspects, it’s worth looking into the things that the MCU should work on going forward.

8 Leaving The Status Of Larger MCU Characters Unaddressed

MCU fans are generally left for years waiting for information about what happened to their favorite characters. It’s a matter of exasperation for many because things are left to speculation when they can easily be explained. Hawkeye was close to the likes of Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, and Scarlet Witch, meaning the series could confirm their whereabouts.

However, the show never addressed any of the characters, which was out of place, especially since Hawkeye was the last person shown comforting Scarlet Witch at the end of Avengers: Endgame. The MCU makes the mistake of leaving out such references since not addressing them goes against the personalities of the characters.

7 Nerfing Down The Protagonist's Skills To Boost New Characters

While many aspects were delivered well, ranging from the performances to the costumes seen in Hawkeye, there were repeated MCU mistakes in terms of characters’ skill levels. The series almost always has new characters defeat established ones, despite the fact that the latter have a higher level of feats.

Hawkeye looked very close to defeat the times he faced off against Maya Lopez and Yelena Belova, which shouldn’t be possible considering he has 20+ years of experience with S.H.I.E.L.D. and has defeated aliens. This practice brings in inconsistency toward understanding the characters’ skills and undermines their previous achievements.

6 Presenting Big-Time Reveals Without Explanation

Another common habit of the MCU is to deliberately present revelations that should have a big impact but aren’t expanded upon. Hawkeye repeated this mistake when the ending showed that Laurea Barton was formerly Agent 19 of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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It was a big reveal since it meant that Clint and Laura met as coworkers and that Laura was just as skilled and deadly as Clint. This exposition was cheapened slightly because the show didn’t do anything else with Laura, so the reveal only serves to open up many debates about her background rather than feel like it was earned.

5 Burdening The First Half With A Slower Pace

Just about every MCU TV series has opened up on a slow note, with the first half generally riddle with speculations about the plot and exposition sequences. It arguably works for mystery shows like WandaVision, but Hawkeye needed a fast pace because of the relatively low stakes it has.

There were aspects like establishing who the bravest characters in Hawkeye were or Clint feeling Natasha’s loss, but these were things that weren’t the most pressing for viewers. It was after Yelena and Maya came into the picture that the show picked up the pace when those elements could have been introduced earlier, especially since the series was only six episodes long.

4 Not Addressing Hawkeye's Past

Many might consider Jack Duquesne as one of the most likable characters in Hawkeye, but comic book fans know he’s supposed to be Clint’s mentor in the source material. Clint also has an older, villainous brother in the comics, which would have made for a good story in the MCU.

Unfortunately, the series has made the mistake of keeping Hawkeye firmly in the present, with his past a big mystery even after the characters has been active for 10 years. Each of the original Avengers’ pasts have been detailed, leaving Hawkeye as the least layered of the bunch.

3 An Obvious Betrayal From The Characters

Characters like Agatha Harkness, Ravonna Renslayer, and Valentina are all comparable to Eleneaor Bishop because they all turned out to be traitors. The MCU generally has red herrings to try and dissuade viewers from picking out the obvious suspect, with Jack Duquesne filling out the role in Hawkeye.

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The downside is that the red herrings are presented in such a fashion that there’s no way someone like them could turn be a villain. Eleanor was largely kept in the sideleines, but fans managed to figure out that she was the one behind Armand’s killing, which doesn’t do the series any favors where surprising viewers is concerned.

2 Keeping The Main Villain Out Right Until The End

Disney+ series have fallen prey to this mistake time and again, with every main villain left out until the end for the heroes to face off. The Kingpin finally showed up in the MCU after years away from the screen, but he only made his full appearance in the series finale of Hawkeye and was swiftly defeated.

The reason why this practice is a mistake comes down to the fact that fans want to see more of the baddies, which a climactic appearance doesn’t justify. Moreover, it shoehorns the plot right up until the end so it appears as if all the problems were fixed much quicker than they should have.

1 Leaving Out Too Many Sequel Hooks

Sequel hooks are a trope that work when there’s a guaranteed follow-up in line, but they leave fans dissatisfied if the future is uncertain. There’s no second season of Hawkeye in the pipeline, which leaves all the sequel hooks up in the air with no set date when they will be addressed.

The finale brought ambiguous plotlines like where Yelena went after abandoning her mission, whether Maya did kill the Kingpin, if Kate ended up becoming the next Hawkeye, and what will happen to Eleanor Bishop in jail. The presence of so many plot hooks can have the side effect of undermining the characters’ struggles throughout the series since there was no definite conclusion.

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