1000-Lb. Sisters: What We Know About 'Etiquette Lady' Valarie Roberts

Amy and Tammy Slaton meet a range of wonderful characters during their weight loss quests in 1000-lb Sisters, and one of the newest breakout stars is the "Etiquette Lady," Valarie Roberts. In the latest episode of season 3, Tammy, Amy, and their mother Darlene were guided through an afternoon tea by Kentucky's own Etiquette Lady, Valarie. From the creation of her career in politeness to her personal life outside of serving tea, here's everything there is to know about the mystifying Etiquette Lady, Valarie.

Amy and Tammy aren't exactly known for their politeness. Throughout the pair's few years starring in 1000-lb Sisters, the Slaton siblings regularly use crude language, act out in public, and make jokes about their flatulence. While fans love Amy and Tammy for being their authentic selves, the duo of entertainers decided to branch out and experiment with a fancier lifestyle. For Mother's Day, Amy and Tammy took their controversial mother, Darlene, to afternoon tea at the Miller House. This site served as Valarie's introduction to the 1000-lb Sisters fanbase. Amy noted that her family could be too difficult a task for even Kentucky's Etiquette Lady to take on, but Valarie didn't back down from the Slaton women's challenges. Even when Darlene complained about drinking hot tea and the Slaton sisters struggled to find food options, Valarie remained dignified and courteous.

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Although viewers didn't get as much time with Valarie as they might have hoped, there's plenty of information about the Etiquette Lady's background available for curious fans. According to The Good Manners Club, Valarie is a certified etiquette consultant that teaches manners to students of all ages. Valarie's biography confesses that her character, The Etiquette Lady, is based on the one and only Mary Poppins. In addition to guiding afternoon teas for guests like Amy and Tammy at the Miller House, Valarie works with The Good Manners Club, a private organization that "offers training and certification in children, teen, business, social, and dining etiquette." After finishing the politeness courses, students can become Etiquette ladies and gentlemen, themselves, although Valarie remains the head honcho of the Good Manners Club. Valarie considers her organization to be a magical learning experience for well-mannered people like "the Mickey Mouse Club was to the Mouseketeers."

While Valarie is one of the top figures in manners today, she wasn't always the most knowledgeable about etiquette standards. As WBKR reported, Valarie was inspired to create the Etiquette Lady out of a moment of embarrassment. While at a dinner in a 4-star restaurant in Las Vegas, Valarie was the only patron at her table who hadn't unfolded her napkin and put it on her lap. The outlet recalled the 1000-lb Sisters guest star was mortified when "[the waiter] had to do it for her." After this revolutionary event, Valarie lived in Washington D.C. where she studied etiquette at Georgetown University. When she's not busy tending to her impressive career in politeness, Valarie has a bustling family life. Valarie's TikTok bio clarified the Etiquette Lady is a "Single mother of 2." On her social media, Valarie regularly shares tips for hosting events along with videos of her children.

Even though Amy and Tammy are strangers to the world of etiquette, the Slaton family was no trouble for the experienced Valarie. From leading a well-mannered club to raising two children on her own, Kentucky's Etiquette Lady can take any challenge that comes her way. Hopefully, Amy and Tammy will apply the politeness tips they picked up from Valarie in 1000-lb Sisters season 3.

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