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Gilmore Girls is now a beloved TV classic with a legion of still-devoted fans worldwide. The story of Lorelai, Rory, and Emily Gilmore spanned seven seasons filled with lots of drama and pop culture references. However, despite the show's seemingly wholesome vibe, there were still several unexpected developments.

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Indeed, Gilmore Girls kept fans invested by introducing multiple shocking storylines throughout its 153 episode run. From unexpected weddings to students dropping out of college, these stories rank as some of the most out-of-the-blue events to happen in the otherwise quiet town of Stars Hollow.

10 Paris' Family Losing Their Money

Paris' father is the head of a pharmaceutical company, making the Gellers one of the wealthiest families in Gilmore Girls. Like the Gilmores, the Gellers seem to come from old money; however, things brutally change when Paris' parents "(flip) the bird at the IRS one-too-many times" and their assets get frozen, effectively leaving her penniless until her trust fund kicks in at 25.

While this particular development doesn't significantly affect Paris, considering she stays in Yale, it is still a shocking development and the only time one of the show's wealthy characters loses their money.

9 April's Existence

Luke was always in love with Lorelai, but fans still had to wait years before the two finally got together. When everything was going perfectly, the writers introduced arguably the most divisive storyline in the show with the arrival of April, Luke's long-lost daughter.

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Narratively, the move made sense. After all, with Jess gone, Luke needed an individual storyline away from his relationship with Lorelai. Still, April's arrival felt too sudden, anti-climactic even, leaving fans unsure of how this kid would affect the fan-favorite pairing of Luke and Lor.

8 Marty's Return In Season 7

Marty was one of Rory's first friends at Yale. He was a gentle and somewhat clumsy boy with a painfully obvious crush on Rory. Still, she never saw him as more than a friend, and the show unceremoniously discarded him once she got together with Logan.

To everyone's surprise, Marty returned in season 7, and he was dating one of Rory's new friends. However, this version of Marty was, for lack of a better word, a jerk. His return surely made more than a few jaws hit the floor, but his overall storyline ended up being awful.

7 Sherry's Pregnancy

In the pantheon of infamous GG characters, perhaps none is more notorious than Sherry Tinsdale. She was Christopher's new girlfriend introduced in season 2. Lorelai and Christopher had a complicated relationship throughout the show, but fans could see them getting closer, despite Sherry's presence. For a brief second, it actually seemed as if they'd finally get together.

Things changed when Chris revealed, rather bluntly, that Sherry was pregnant in the season 2 finale. The reveal was sudden and slightly soapy, a way to permanently remove Chris from the equation. Alas, Lor and Chris shippers, expecting a happy ending for the couple, had their hopes shattered.

6 Logan's Proposal (& Rory's Refusal)

Gilmore Girls ended its original run with a somewhat rushed and unsatisfying finale that haphazardly wrapped every loose thread with varying degrees of success. However, no storyline received such a poor ending as Rory's complicated romance with Logan.

The penultimate episode has Logan propose to Rory, only for her to reject him, resulting in their break up. His proposal surprised fans, but even more shocking was her rejection, especially considering her intense feelings for him throughout the three previous seasons. The revival only made things worse by having her engage in an affair with him, further calling their original breakup into question.

5 Rory Sleeping With Dean

Before Logan entered the picture, Rory had another controversial relationship. In season four, after Jess leaves permanently, Rory and Dean engage in a flirtatious dynamic that culminates with them sleeping together despite him being married to Lindsay.

Fans were shocked to see Rory, Gilmore Girls' perfect daughter and ultimate good girl, in bed with her married ex-boyfriend. Her choice to sleep with Dean led to her first major fight with Lorelai, another storyline that left fans confused. Rory and Dean briefly rekindled their relationship, but they were too different to make it work, and the affair ended almost as unexpectedly as it began.

4 Paris Not Getting Into Harvard

Gilmore Girls had many unforgettable scenes at Chilton, each showing how driven Rory and Paris were in their eventual goals to attend Harvard. Indeed, Paris was a woman on a mission, determined to get to Harvard, no matter the cost. She studied harder than anyone, participated in extracurricular activities, had an excellent GPA, and was part of a family that had attended Harvard for the past five generations. However, most importantly, Paris was brilliant and ambitious, the kind of student Ivy League Schools dream of enrolling.

Paris ends up going to Yale, an equally prestigious school, but Harvard rejecting her remains one of the most shocking and arguably unfair decisions the showrunners ever made.

3 Richard And Emily Separating

For years, Richard and Emily had the best relationship in Gilmore Girls. However, the show's writers threw a curveball when they separated the beloved couple at the end of season four. Richard and Emily spend half of season five separated, and Emily even dates another man while apart from her husband.

Fans collectively let out a sigh of relief when the two got back together, leading to a renewal of their vows. However, the couple's separation remains one of the show's most surprising storylines, especially considering how much time they spent apart.

2 Lorelai Marrying Christopher

As previously mentioned, Season 7 felt like a different show. The characters began making weird choices, but none was more unexpected than Lorelai and Christopher's sudden wedding in Paris.

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Fans knew that Lorelai was just back with Chris while she made up with Luke, and everyone knew the relationship wouldn't last. As such, many viewers scratched their heads when the show revealed Lor and Chris married and questioned why the writers would go there if the couple would inevitably separate. To make matters worse, their marriage lasted for only seven episodes, making it one of the most unnecessary storylines in the show.

1 Rory Dropping Out Of Yale

Fans spent four years listening to how Rory's ultimate goal was to graduate from an Ivy League university and become a journalist. She displayed considerable talent at the Franklin and the Yale Daily News, confirming how promising she was, which made her abrupt decision to drop out of Yale all the more shocking.

Yes, Mitchum hurt her with his words, and yes, Rory was always spoiled and entitled, meaning she had a huge reaction when he bruised her pride. However, while not necessarily out of character, her decision was out of the blue and surprising to fans. Her journey back to Yale, which included a brief stint working for the DAR, was a huge surprise and fans eventually got to see her back where she always belonged.

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