10 Inspirational Movies About Change To Start Your New Year Right

With 2021 coming to a close, people begin to think about where they are in their life, what they've done, and what they'd like to do. Many people are even inspired to create resolutions for the new year.

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Sometimes a film can have a huge influence on someone's life and mindset. There's a reason so many moviegoers leave a theater feeling moved or changed in some way. A great way for someone to put themselves in an inspired New Year's mentality is to find an amazing movie to motivate them.

Brittany is told to get healthier by her doctor after a long period of partying and substance abuse. She decides to start running after being unable to afford a gym membership and finds camaraderie and support in a running group. Initially obsessed with running "success" and numbers, she learns to be kinder to herself and others, and embraces health as a way of living instead.

So many times, film and television highlight women who match up with athletic standards that are neither realistic nor attainable for every person. Brittany Runs A Marathon is an inspirational movie about physical and emotional health, and the strength it takes to make changes for both.

Yes Man takes the life advice of saying "yes" instead of "no" and makes it very literal. After an interaction with a guru, Carl decides to literally say yes to every single thing asked of him to see what happens and if it will lead him to be happier in his life.

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Jim Carrey is his usual, incredible self in this movie about learning to open up to new experiences and overcome fear. Many times, the fear of failure or disappointment is what keeps people from going after their dreams. Being closed off to the uncomfortable can do more harm than good, and Carl learns that by saying, "Yes."

This best-rated coming-of-age movie on Netflix centers around Charlie, who suffers from clinical depression and anxiety attacks because of intense childhood trauma. He's starting high school and terrified of making friends but becomes close with two seniors, Sam and Patrick.

This movie is emotionally gutting in its tough moments but teaches so many inspirational lessons about growing up and letting go of hurt and fear. Charlie is faced head-on with his demons and has to find the strength within himself to fight them alone to find happiness.

After her divorce, Cheryl Strayed essentially makes a resolution--except in June instead of January. Even though she has little to no hiking experience, she dedicates herself to journeying along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Wild deals with loss, heartbreak, and rebirth as Cheryl copes with all of the obstacles that she's put in the way of her own happiness in life. She makes herself alone with nature without any kind of metaphorical life jacket in order to get to the heart of how she got to this point in her life and what she can do to start over.

Sometimes, kids show that they are wise and kind beyond their years. Haley Joel Osment plays one of his best child roles, Trevor, in this heartfelt film. He is assigned by his social studies teacher to put a plan into action that will make the world a better place. His is called "Pay It Forward," and a person, when receiving a favor, has to do a favor for three other people.

Doing something, no matter how small, for another person and spreading the idea of community and charity is what can actually change the world in the long run, and this film is all about that idea. If the human race focused more on making life good for everyone, their life, in turn, would be better as a result.

Adults aren't the only ones who have to face--and often struggle with--change in their lives. Kids experience radical change and obstacles in their day-to-day and don't always have the emotional maturity to know how to handle them. This film that personifies the different core emotions is a perfect way for kids to learn.

When Riley moves away from her childhood home, she has to start everything all over. She has a new school, new classmates, a new neighborhood, and a lot of new feelings about things. Joy, likewise, has to come to terms with Riley growing up and learn how to appreciate that experiencing negative emotions can have positive effects.

This touching drama is the purest example of realizing one's own potential and not settling for anything less. Will Hunting, a gifted mathematician, doesn't want to acknowledge his abilities or use them for anything until Dr. Sean Maguire digs into why Will might think he doesn't deserve more in life.

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When people are pushed down and made to believe that they cannot achieve their dreams, they become stagnant--and stagnation can be the downfall of happiness. Will had deep trauma around his upbringing and abusive father figure--but once he was given positive encouragement and understanding, he realized that he could do anything he wanted.

In this romantic comedy, Jason, Daniel, and Mikey are faced with the harsh reality that things don't stay the same forever. Jason is stuck in an unattached bachelor's lifestyle, Daniel doesn't want to admit his feelings for his best friend for fear of ruining their friendship, and Mikey has to come to terms with his imminent divorce.

All three men are under the impression that change is a bad thing and they fight against it through the entire movie before realizing that their lives are changing for the better. Free from many of the romantic comedy tropes that plague holiday movies today, this feel-good film ends on a hopeful note.

Forrest Gump's story, marked by the often misquoted movie line about life being full of unexpectedness, shows that people can face unspeakable sadness in their lives and still choose to lead with kindness and positivity.

Unbridled optimism and a happy-go-lucky attitude are skeptically seen as negative traits but, in reality, these people are often the happiest in their lives. Forrest even effortlessly influenced many important historical events over his lifespan and shared his heart with everyone he met.

Chris Gardner invests his entire life's savings into bone scanners and has to sell them to corporations and physicians. His financial situation gets worse and worse and even though he earns an unpaid internship to become a stockbroker, he loses his wife and home and has to take care of his son while they're homeless and struggling to survive.

There is nothing more inspiring than a film that tells the true story of someone who worked through the hardest point in their life and never lost their hope or integrity. The story of Chris Gardner is one of total destitution coming face to face with his unrelenting charisma and perseverance.

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