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When it comes to annoying sidekicks in The Legend of Zelda, Navi is not the only irritating companion Link has adventured alongside. Link has had partners throughout the series whose personalities and actions can quickly become grating. While it may be difficult to imagine a Zelda sidekick more annoying than Navi, a number of them are worthy candidates for the title.

In a way, Navi sets the bar for annoying Zelda sidekicks. Though her role in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is to be Link's guide, her presence is often intrusive and unhelpful. Players must endure Navi's near-constant exclamations of "HEY!" and "LISTEN!" whenever she gives advice. However, her knowledge about enemies is limited, and sometimes she has nothing to offer. Additionally, if Link spends too much time outside of a dungeon, Navi will repeatedly remind Link of his objective until he gets back on track. Navi has cemented herself as an annoying Zelda partner, and yet Link's other sidekicks have managed to rival her notoriety in later entries.

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Part of what makes annoying Zelda sidekicks stand out are the series' genuinely well-done partner characters. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess' Midna, for example, not only supports Link with a variety of unique abilities, the two also develop a close relationship by the end of the game. The same can be said of Princess Zelda from Spirit Tracks; she and Link work together to tackle the game's obstacles, forming a strong team dynamic and friendship. Compared to these successful examples, some of Link's other partners seem especially unhelpful and frustrating.

What makes Fi from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword an annoying sidekick is how intrusive she is throughout the game. As the spirit within the Master Sword, Fi accompanies Link on his travels, providing guidance and exposition. Unfortunately, Fi will frequently interrupt the action of the game to comment on the task at hand or remind players that the batteries of their Wii Remote are running low. These frequent interjections were so poorly-received by the community that Skyward Sword HD had to make Fi less annoying, allowing players to skip or ignore some of her dialog.

Perhaps Fi would have been a less annoying sidekick to Link overall if she had been given a more expressive personality. Fi's personality is that of a stoic and pragmatic automaton, never showing much in terms of emotion. While she seems fond of their time together by the game's end, Fi's attitude makes her feel detached from Link and the journey. Allowing her to show emotions like fear for Link's safety or anger towards Ghirahim could have developed Fi into a more relatable character.

Ciela, Link's fairy sidekick from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, is annoying due to how little she contributes to the story. Though she has no memory of her past, Ciela accompanies Link on his quest to save Tetra from the mysterious Ghost Ship. Still, Ciela provides little more than encouragement to Link as he braves each of the game's challenges. Even when she is revealed to be the Spirit of Courage and her powers are restored, Link must still collect ten Courage Gems scattered around the world before she can utilize them in gameplay. Moreover, Ciela's presence is overshadowed by the charismatic and colorful Linebeck, a character who not only forms a closer connection with Link but also aids him more extensively.

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Phantom Hourglass tries to make Ciela useful by paying off her amnesia in an incredibly contrived way. Unlike The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which rewards players for seeking out Link's lost memories with a new ending and a more satisfying reunion with Zelda, Ciela spontaneously regains her lost memories all at once during one of Phantom Hourglass' final boss fights. Then, Ciela informs Link that she can freeze time, a power never hinted at during the game and completely unrelated to Ciela's other ability to let Link shoot sword beams. This endgame power boost is more annoying than satisfying, as it feels forced and not earned.

Makar is only a temporary sidekick during The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, but his brief stint as Link's partner results in a frustrating dungeon. After awakening as the Sage of Wind, Link and Makar work together to explore the Wind Temple and restore power to the Master Sword. However, Makar is only partially autonomous, so Link is required to conduct a song and control Makar every time he needs a complex action performed. This is not Wind Waker's only companion dungeon; Link must partner with Medli, the Sage of Earth, to explore the Earth Temple. Unlike Medli, though, Makar is captured and imprisoned in a scripted event during his dungeon, forcing Link to rescue him to proceed. Additionally, Makar makes a rattling sound whenever he moves, so players must bear this annoying noise for nearly the entirety of the dungeon.

Makar could be a less annoying Zelda sidekick if he was allowed to assist Link in more ways. If Makar could help Link engage enemies or perform unique actions without always being controlled, clearing the Wind Temple would feel like more of a team effort. He also does little to help Link in the game at large. While Medli gives Link multiple useful items and has an emotional awakening as a sage, Makar only ever influences the plot by being captured or lost. As a result, he earns his spot as an annoying Zelda sidekick.

Still, Zelda's annoying sidekick characters still play a helpful role despite their flaws. While they have irritating aspects, Link's companions usually offer some unique advice or game mechanic on occasion. Fi's dialog may be intrusive, but it can be very informative in confusing situations; Ciela's time powers may be contrived, but they are fun to use; Makar's actions may be limited, but they allow the player much greater freedom of movement than Link's. One way or another, even the most annoying sidekicks in The Legend of Zelda are still beloved characters - even Navi.

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