Zelda: All Rare Mounts In Breath of the Wild (& Where To Find Them)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s open-world invites players to travel across the vast expanse of Hyrule and explore every inch, which is much easier to do atop a horse. Horses are a major aspect of the game, with wild horses roaming Hyrule’s plains for Link to tame. Each one has its own stats and temperament, and Link can form bonds with them as they become his traveling companions. Players can register up to five horses at a time at any stable, and their manes, bridles, and saddles can be changed at the Highland Stable and Foothill Stable.

Among Breath of the Wild's wild horses are several rare steeds that Link can encounter, most of which pose an extra challenge to tame and require skill as well as strategy. For players seeking an extra challenge, these rare mounts have unique stats and characteristics, as well as a special place in the game’s lore.

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While not all of these mounts can be registered at a stable, those who can are equipped with their own special bridles and saddles. Not only that, but acquiring or photographing these rare horses will often net Link a bonus reward by completing the mounts’ accompanying quests, which give the player hints about how to track down these special steeds.

Royal White Stallion

Descended from Princess Zelda’s white steed, the Royal White Stallion can be found roaming on top of Safula Hill in Breath of the Wild. This horse has a fully maxed out stamina stat, as well as 4 strength and 3 speed. It’s of wild temperament, so it’s necessary to have at least two bars of stamina or a couple of stamina recovery items before Link tries to tame it. It’s also very easy to scare, so it’s a good idea to have an active stealth boost as well.

Speaking with an old man named Toffa at the Outskirt Stable will give Link the quest, “The Royal White Stallion, which Link can complete by bringing the Royal White Horse back to the stable. Toffa will reward Link with the Royal Bridle and Royal Saddle.

Giant Horse

Bearing resemblance to Ganon’s warhorse, the Giant Horse is absolutely massive, standing twice as tall as any other horse in Breath of the Wild. This horse is extremely wild and hard to tame, and it’s the strongest horse in the game with its maxed out strength stat. It is unable to sprint, but once it reaches its max speed, it has infinite stamina, and its massive gait allows it to run slightly faster than other horses. Link can get the quest “Hunt for the Giant Horse” from Straia at the Mounted Archery Camp west of the Highland Stable, which will reward Link with 100 Rupees upon completion.

The Giant Horse roams the north of the Taobab Grasslands. There are two strong Lynels that patrol these grasslands, but taking them out on the way to the Giant Horse makes it much easier to get the horse back to a stable. Once Link finds the Giant Horse, having a stealth bonus equipped will make it much easier to tame as it runs a fair distance when spooked. Like the Royal White Horse, the Giant Horse requires at least two bars of stamina to obtain, and it’s easy to get bucked off. Registering it will equip a custom bridle and saddle, but it can’t wear any other bridle or saddle because of its size.


Stal enemies in Breath of the Wild, like Stal Bokoblins, will occasionally be mounted, and knocking an enemy off its horse will allow Link to ride it, even if it is undead. Stalhorses cannot be registered at stables, but they make for a fun ride. Link can get the quest “Stalhorse: Pictured!” from Juannelle at the Snowfield Stable, who asks Link to take a photograph of a Stalhorse.

There are Stal Bokoblins riding Stalhorses at a skull outpost just east of Pikida Stonegrove in the North Tabantha Snowfield. Knocking the Stal Bokoblins down will allow Link to ride their skeletal steeds, as well as take a photograph that will net them a silver Rupee for completing Juannelle’s quest.

Satori, Lord of the Mountain

The Lord of the Mountain is the rarest, most difficult mount to tame in Breath of the Wild. According to the Sheikah Slate’s Hyrule Compendium, the Lord of the Mountain is the reincarnation of a sage who now protects the mountain, so it makes sense that Link cannot register him at a stable. However, this mystical mount has maxed out stats, making it incredibly fun to take for a ride even for just one night.

The Lord of the Mountain doesn’t appear every night, but will randomly spawn atop the Satori Mountain, causing a blue pillar of light to shine up from the mountaintop. When this appears, Link can teleport to the Mogg Latan Shrine before the night is over and attempt to tame this mythical beast. This mount is a challenge, requiring two bars of stamina, a stealth bonus, and some sneaking strategy. It will disappear for the night if spooked too many times, but Link will have at least two chances to tame it before it’ll vanish.


For players who have the Link Amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. series, Epona can be obtained by scanning the Amiibo into Breath of the Wild. Being Link’s long-time companion throughout the franchise, Epona has a 100% bond with Link when she enters the game, and she’s one of the most well-balanced horses with 4 strength, stamina, and speed.

Master Cycle Zero

As part of Breath of the Wild's Champions’ Ballad DLC, Link can obtain a Divine Beast of his own, one that was apparently crafted for the Hylian Champion. The Master Cycle Zero is much smaller than the other Divine Beasts, of course, and has the appearance of a motorcycle that’s been modeled after a horse. Unlike horses, however, this mount requires fuel, which Link can make by adding ingredients and materials to its fuel tank.

This mount can be obtained by returning to the Shrine of Resurrection to fight Monk Maz Koshia as part of the DLC’s main questline. After being defeated, Maz Koshia will reward Link with another rune that allows him to summon the Master Cycle Zero.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available on Nintendo Switch.

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