Young Justice Calls Itself Out For Using The Same Story For 4 Seasons

WARNING: The following contains SPOILERS for Young Justice season 4, episode 5, " A Tale Of Two Sisters."

Young Justice season 4 has taken a playful shot at itself, with a recent joking taking aim at how many storylines have centered around a traitor being hidden within the ranks of various heroic and villainous groups. This joke was delivered through a meta conversation where the heroes discussed how multiple villains had attempted to plant double agents within the Justice League and the Outsiders. It went unmentioned, however, that the team has pulled the same scam themselves.

The season 4 episode "Tale of Two Sisters" centers on Artemis (aka Tigress), as she struggles to cope with Young Justice's decision to kill off key team member Superboy, and the bad memories it brings up regarding the loss of her first love, Wally West (aka Kid Flash). While at work in her college's library, Artemis realizes she is being followed. Thankfully, her stalker is also being tracked by Arsenal and Arrowette, and is quickly subdued and revealed to be Onyx Adams, an assassin in the employ of the League of Shadows. Onyx pleads for peace, claiming she had come to Artemis to warn her of a League of Shadows plot to place Casandra Savage in their team as a double agent.

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Arsenal is skeptical of Onyx's story, commenting that he had "heard this one already." Arrowette humorously quips back, "About Red Arrow? Or Terra?", calling attention to the fact that this is hardly the first time the League of Shadows has attempted to plant a spy among the World's Finest heroes. The finale of Young Justice season 1 was built around a brainwashed Roy Harper (aka Red Arrow) infiltrating the Justice League, helping a united group of supervillains called The Light take control of the League's minds. In Young Justice season 3, the assassin Deathstroke—the leader of the League of Shadows at the time—planted a similarly conditioned Terra within the Outsiders.

It's worth noting that the superheroes have very little room to talk about their enemies lacking creativity, given that they've done the exact same thing in the past. One of the major arcs of Young Justice season 2 saw Aqualad, previously established as the son of Aquaman's archenemy Black Manta, seemingly betray his teammates and kill Artemis, in order to join forces with his infamous father. In reality, the traitorous plot was all part of a plan to infiltrate The Light by convincing them that Aqualad had actually turned to the dark side, with Artemis faking her death and taking on the Tigress identity to join her partner in his spycraft.

While the general setup may be familiar, Young Justice still finds a way to keep things fresh with this season 4 storyline. While Onyx is making her case, Cassandra Savage emerges from the shadows revealing herself to be heavily scarred and missing her left arm. She claims that she honestly has defected from the League of Shadows, earning the wrath of her villainous father Vandal Savage, and her new scars in the process. It's actually Cassandra who claims that Onyx has been sent to stop her and become a mole within the Justice League in earnest. This leaves the heroes with quite the conundrum, as it's equally likely that both—or neither—of the League of Shadows villains are telling the truth.

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