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Though Y: The Last Man's future is unclear, the first season of the show delivered an intense story set in a strange new world. As the characters adapt to the new reality that they find themselves in, some prove themselves to be smarter than some of the other survivors.

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While strength is an important factor in the dangerous situation presented in the show, it is the characters who lead with their mind that really thrive. There are plenty of bad decisions made as well as some brilliant ones that help make it clear which of the Y: The Last Man characters are the smartest.

10 Yorick Brown

Yorick Brown has the great distinction of being the last man on Earth after everyone else with a Y chromosome was killed by a mysterious virus. Unfortunately, this last man on Earth is not the most impressive specimen.

Yorick is a fairly immature young man who is led around like a lost puppy dog for most of the show. When he does make decisions for himself, they usually end up being bad ones that cause more trouble. It is as if he doesn't grasp the severity of the situation which can be quite frustrating.

9 Regina Oliver

On the political side of the show, Regina Oliver is the former Vice President of the United States and the person who should have taken over when the male president died. However, she quickly makes it quite apparent why many other people see that as a very bad idea.

She is a power-hungry bully who foolishly tries to use the current chaos of the world to take over. She only succeeds in complicating things and when rebels storm the Pentagon, she further proves herself a liability. She ends up desperately revealing top-secret information which leads to her being executed.

8 Hero Brown

Much like her brother Yorick, Hero is a character who follows more than she leads. Her life was in shambles before the world fell apart and she continues searching for the right path in this new world, making plenty of bad decisions along the way.

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She ends up joining a cult run by the maniacal Roxanne and failed to see how obviously she was being manipulated. Seeing her very fast transformation into a true believer of this unhinged community didn't help Hero appear much smarter than her brother.

7 Roxanne

Roxanne is meant to be an intimidating and complex villain in the series but comes off as too cartoonish to take seriously. She feels more like a villain from The Walking Dead and her outlandish decisions hurt her credibility as a real threat.

Though she certainly proves to be smart enough to manipulate all of the women who become her followers, Roxanne becomes more reckless and less cunning as the show goes on. By the end, she is just a mindless villain who brings down her own demise with her behavior.

6 Kimberly Campbell Cunningham

While Kimberly Campbell Cunningham is not an easy person to root for, she is one of the best characters on Y: The Last Man. Like Regina, Kimberly is someone whose political views go against what is best for the country at this critical time.

However, unlike Regina, Kimberly has enough common sense to see what is at risk. She knows diplomacy is important and is smart enough to see beyond certain differences to the greater good that is at stake.

5 Sam Jordan

Sam Jordan has to deal with a lot in this new world as he is a transgender man living in a society where all men are supposed to be dead. Despite the constant struggles and fear he faces, he keeps a fairly level-head at all times.

Though he finds himself in Roxanne's group along with Hero, he is quick to see the problems with it that she fails to recognize. He is someone who is just looking to survive, and despite limited resources, he does so in a practical way.

4 Nora Brady

Nora Brady has a very interesting arc in Y: The Last Man's first season. She went from someone in the spheres of power to surviving on her own to once again regaining some power for herself.

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She is another person who joins Roxanne's group and becomes very integral to it. But unlike the others who believe they are part of something important, Nora simply sees it as the best option for survival. She is able to gain the upper hand over Roxanne and uses the group to achieve her own objectives.

3 Allison Mann

Along with Yorick, Allison Mann is perhaps humanity's greatest chance of survival. She is a scientist who was handpicked to attempt to use Yorick to find a cure for the virus so male babies can be born again.

She is another person who is able to stay focused and logical even in the midst of this strange new world. She approaches every situation with an intelligent caution while also seeing the various possibilities they present themselves.

2 355

Along with being the strongest and bravest character on Y: The Last Man, Agent 355 is also one of the smartest. Her years of training as a covert agent have allowed her to become someone who is in the best position to survive in this post-apocalyptic reality.

There are times when 355 makes foolish decisions and refuses to accept help, but she still manages to get out of any sticky situations she finds herself in. She is a great strategist and proves herself to be far more capable of surviving than anyone else.

1 Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown is thrust into the situation of becoming the new President of the United States in the wake of this massive disaster. Despite all she has to deal with, President Brown proves she is the most capable one to hold such a position.

Even when the decisions she must make could be dangerous for herself, she justifies it rationally and makes the choices that are best for the future of humanity rather than what is best at the moment.

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