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Healers in Final Fantasy XIV use the aether that is found in all living things and the world itself to repair, protect, and defend others from harm.  They are required to participate in multiplayer activities and more are necessary for higher difficulty content. Healers in FFXIV keep the party alive and cover for any mistakes another player may make. They may have hands of healing in FFXIV, but they are also responsible for dealing damage whenever healing is not required and often determine a fight. Although being the fewest in number, healers are the backbone of the party and can be the most rewarding to play.

White Mage, Scholar, and Astrologian are the three healing jobs currently in FFXIV, with Sage being the fourth to be added in Endwalker. Each job plays differently, but all manipulate aether to support the party. White Mage was the first healing job in the base game (prior to A Realm Reborn) and acts like other healers found in many similar MMORPGs. They can cast to heal over time or in big bursts while dishing out impressive damage. Scholar was added in A Realm Reborn and works by mitigating damage with barriers around players. They also have a fairy companion that heals the party for them. The Astrologian job was introduced in the Heavensward expansion and is capable of using skills for both healing regeneration and damage mitigation with barriers. All three jobs have their uses and unique playstyles that grant exciting benefits to playing them.

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The rewards of healing go far beyond those earned for completing quests, like the White Mage's "Hands of Healing." In FFXIV, fans would be hard-pressed to find any role as rewarding as healing. Healers have to wait very little time in the queue for dungeons, trials, or raids, unlike a DPS job. They also get extra rewards when the Duty Roulette has an icon that says, "Adventurer in Need: Healer." At the end of activities, healers have a higher chance of receiving commendations because of their contribution to the party. Everyone is grateful for a healer, but certain combinations of jobs in FFXIV make them shine. Preventing a fellow player from dying or reviving them in combat to win a fight is also very rewarding. Learning when to use the right spells in battle can be a fulfilling process too. Through the story, adventurers can experience different uses for healing magic in FFXIV.

Healers are an integral part of the FFXIV world as showcased in the level 60 White Mage job quest "Hands of Healing." During the adventure, the Warrior of Light is tasked with going after an Au Ra named Alaqa in the Dravanian Forelands. She is found to have created an undead dragon powered by tainted aether. To defeat the dragon, the Warrior of Light must heal the taint to purify the aether. Instead of killing and destruction, healing is used to solve the issue. The "Hands of Healing" quest is an example of how important healers are to this game.

Final Fantasy XIV uses excellent storytelling to integrate healing into the world. Healers are not just necessary during battle, but they also have a purpose outside of combat. They are fun to play and beneficial to everyone. News of the Sage job release in Endwalker sounds exciting and it will be an excellent new addition to the game.

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