Why The First Blood Remake Should Be Quentin Tarantino's Last Movie

Here's why Quentin Tarantino's proposed remake of Rambo movie First Blood should be his final film. Of course, First Blood is already a beloved movie, which introduced audiences to Sylvester Stallone's John Rambo. The film was based on the David Morrell novel of the same name, where Rambo is a Vietnam vet suffering PTSD and after he's harassed and humiliated by a petty sheriff and his deputies, Rambo launches a war on a small town.

First Blood is more of a thriller with some great setpieces than a straight-ahead action movie, though the Rambo movies would take the character in a very different direction. Rambo: First Blood Part II loaded the titular vet up with exploding arrows and giant machines as he single-handedly took on entire armies, with Rambo III and 2008's fourth entry Rambo continuing in similiar veins. 2019's Rambo: Last Blood was billed as the last appearance by Stallone in the role, though it received largely lukewarm reviews - even by author Morrell himself.

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Those who are only familiar with Rambo from the movies might be shocked by his depiction in the original Morrell novel of First Blood. In contrast to the film, Rambo has no issue killing the police pursuing him and in the end, is shot dead by mentor Trautman. In July 2021, Tarantino revealed on The Big Picture podcast that if wanted to just make a "good movie" he'd just adapt the book and make Tarantino's First Blood starring Adam Driver as Rambo and Kurt Russell as the sheriff. He also stated it was unlikely to happen, but it might actually be a perfect final film.

Tarantino has made no secret of his plan to retire from directing after his tenth movie, with his most recent project Once Upon A Time In Hollywood being his 9th. While in recent years he's sworn off working on material he didn't originate, he also feels Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is something of a "mic drop," and he may not even make a tenth movie at all. While he may feel the pressure to come up with another original project that matches its quality, he already knows he can make a great movie out of First Blood.

Audiences aren't quite ready to say goodbye to Tarantino as a filmmaker, and with a potential First Blood remake, he has the chance to make a stripped-down, character-driven action movie. Working from another writer's material - which he did previously with the acclaimed Jackie Brown - will remove the stress of crafting another original screenplay, and the movie should be a unique experiment as it relies far less on dialogue than a typical Tarantino project. He's also displayed with the Kill Bill movies and Django Unchained he has a flair for unique action sequences.

First Blood is also an intense novel that had some of its edges softened for the 1982 movie, but this would allow Tarantino to present a very different take on Rambo. The odds of the filmmaker changing his mind and circling back to making First Blood are slim to none, and assuming he even makes movie number ten, it will be based on his own work. That said, Quentin Tarantino's First Blood would make for a fine last movie.

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