What Kate Bishop's "Avengers-Level Threat" Could Be In Hawkeye

Disney+'s Hawkeye promises an "Avengers-level threat" in trailer footage, but is Clint really facing such a tricky villain, or is this all part of the show's comedy? Marvel fans have barely recovered from the multiverse-bending antics of What If...?, but Disney+'s MCU train stops for no one, and Hawkeye is lurking right around the corner. Based entirely upon trailer footage, we know Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop - the self-proclaimed greatest archer in the world - catches Clint Barton's sharp eye by dressing as Ronin to clean the streets of New York from criminal scum.

Clint and Kate form a master-student team against a tracksuit-clad mafia, but a new Hawkeye trailer teases a more ominous threat. A restaurant scene sees the two archers laying out their situation to Kate's mother, Eleanor. Played by Vera Farmiga, Ms. Bishop says, "so Kate is helping you with an Avengers-level threat?" Eleanor's clearly repeating something Kate told her, but is there really a villain of such power in Hawkeye, or is something else going on? There's certainly no sense of a hugely dangerous enemy in Hawkeye's trailers. We've seen the tracksuit gangsters (or Tracksuit Draculas), possibly led by Ivan Banionis, but they're barely an NYPD-level threat, let alone a group that would trouble the Avengers.

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Better Call Saul's Tony Dalton plays Jack Duquesne in Hawkeye, but will be better known to comic book fans as Swordsman - the very man responsible for training Clint Barton. Swordsman has been a villain of the Avengers comics, perhaps more so than Hawkeye, and training an elite SHIELD agent is no mean feat. Based on his comic antics alone, Tony Dalton's Swordsman could feasibly be construed as the "Avengers-level threat" Eleanor speaks of, and if he's secretly involved with the Tracksuit Draculas, that explains how Kate Bishop gets involved. Having said that, the MCU's criteria for "Avengers-level threat" is far stricter than in the Marvel comics. With all due respect to Swordsman, Lalo Salamanca with an over-sized kitchen knife isn't on the same level as Loki, Hydra, Ultron or Thanos.

When Kate Bishop told her mother that her archery services are required to help fight an "Avengers-level threat," was she just lying? Hawkeye stands as easily the most comedic live-action MCU TV show yet, and employs an especially tongue-in-cheek attitude over the public's perception of superheroes. There's Rogers: The Musical, which joyously pokes fun at Clint's Avenger pals, and Kate Bishop refers to herself as Hawkeye's biggest fan. The idea of Clint Barton - the punchline of many a superhero joke - taking on an "Avengers-level threat" alongside a teenager could simply be Hawkeye's self-referential sense of humor at play - especially when the bad guys are actually gangsters whose biggest crime is against fashion. Trailer footage has already shown Kate desperately trying to live up to her idol. The gag in Hawkeye could be Kate exaggerating the villain she and Clint are facing to make herself feel more important - which then makes Clint look super-irresponsible for taking an inexperienced kid to fight this supposed "next Thanos."

The term "Avengers-level threat" gets bandied about the MCU more and more these days - even when only a single Avenger is involved. That could be the joke Disney+'s Hawkeye series is making here. Put another way, just because Clint Barton makes you breakfast, that doesn't mean it's an "Avengers-level breakfast."

The real gag, of course, would be if Hawkeye actually did introduce a massive new Avengers-worthy villain to the MCU and, interestingly enough, one such character is already heavily attached to the Disney+ TV show. Numerous reports claim Kingpin (possibly played by Daredevil's Vincent D’Onofrio) will sit at the murky bottom of Hawkeye's gangland shenanigans. Despite not being the most powerful villain on Marvel's roster, Kingpin undoubtedly has enough potential to become an "Avengers-level threat" in the MCU, and Hawkeye could unknowingly provoke Wilson Fisk by interfering in his business. Kate Bishop perhaps isn't being completely honest with Eleanor about the nature of the threat she and Clint are facing but, as usual, maybe he's accidentally hit the bullseye.

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