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Warning! Spoilers ahead for Transformers: Shattered Glass #3!

While IDW Publishing's bizarro Transformers universe seen in Transformers: Shattered Glass originally gave the impression that the "good" Starscream is actually loyal and trustworthy, it's not long before he's back to his conniving ways. A recent issue proves he's still the traitor he's always been,  but this time he just betrayed the evil Autobots instead of Megatron.

While it's certainly in character that even the good Starscream is still traitorous, the reason why he ultimately chooses to defect to the Decepticons could still be shocking to fans, as revealed in Transformers: Shattered Glass #3 by writer Danny Lore, artist Guido Guidi and colorist John-Paul Bove. The story follows Starscream's attempt to unearth, protect, and ensure the proper dissemination of Cybertronian history so that all Transformers have access to the full and undistorted truth.

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In a flashback, Starscream and Jetfire find the head of an ancient Transformer Titan and attempt to communicate with it to learn everything it knows about Cybertron. But Starscream discovers that the only way they will receive support from the Autobots is if everything the Titan tells them goes through the evil Optimus Prime first. Knowing that Prime will pick and choose what the public can access and alter any information he wants, Starscream becomes enraged and tells Optimus Prime during a meeting that while he's not a Decepticon, he will never be an Autobot, forever marking himself as a traitor from that day forward.

While this is set in an alternate universe where everything is upside-down, IDW's separate Transformers Halloween special issue that transpires in the regular universe hints that Starscream might both truly care about Cybertronian history more than himself and that he only betrays Megatron because he views him as an enemy of Cybertron, not because he wants to lead the Decepticons. This special's explanation why Starscream doesn't articulate this truth is due to the fact he doesn't dwell on what motivates him. He just acts.

The special issue aside, most fans have been under the impression that Starscream doesn't care for anything (let alone Cybertronian history) except for claiming dominion and ruling all Transformers as a tyrannical leader. That's why he always betrays Megatron with the hope of overthrowing him. The fact that both Shattered Glass and the Halloween special tackle these aspects of Starscream serves as proof of how many stories there are to explore surrounding his shifting allegiances.

In Shattered Glass,  Starscream is also portrayed as a character who is obsessed with the concept of loyalty and oftentimes finds himself wrestling with the complexities of what bit means to truly be loyal.

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