The New Venom Is Getting An Origin Similar To The New Superman

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Venom #1

Marvel Comics has begun a brand new Venom series, and the newest host for the iconic symbiote is getting a very similar origin to DC's brand new Superman. Just like Jon Kent, who's recently taken over as Earth's Man of Steel for his father Kal-El, Dylan has become the new Venom now that his father has become the King in Black. Both of their fathers have left for very similar reasons - venturing out into the cosmos and leaving their sons to manage their respective roles back home.

In Venom #1 from writers Al Ewing and Ram V with art by Bryan Hitch, Dylan Brock is seen struggling at school while his dad, Eddie Brock, continues to be absent as he's fulfilling his duties as the King in Black. Having gained vast amounts of power now that he leads an entire hive-mind of symbiotes, Eddie's tethers to reality and his own life and time have become thin. However, a mysterious new threat from the future has emerged, telling Eddie that the King in Black's throne will soon be empty. Sure enough, Eddie is caught in an explosion that destroys his body, though Eddie sent his consciousness to a symbiote in the future. Unfortunately, that still leaves Dylan alone to pick up the pieces as the new Venom, believing that Eddie is well and truly gone.

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In a similar fashion, the original Superman, Kal-El, sees no other choice but to leave Earth behind in DC Comics, traveling to the dark planet of Warworld to free the countless slaves owned by the cosmic villain Mongul. Additionally, Kal-El is potentially dying, having grown weaker as his powers have begun to fade. In the interim, Jon Kent is now the New Superman taking over the reins from his absent father just as Dylan Brock will now that he's bonded with Venom (with Eddie beginning a new cosmic journey as well).

Interestingly enough, one of the biggest areas where the two origins contrast is Jon and Dylan's motivations. While Jon Kent wasn't sure if he was ready to become the next Man of Steel, he's now determined to prove himself worthy of the name. In Dylan's case, he didn't necessarily want to become the next Venom, and his father even told him not to bond with his symbiote due to the potential danger it poses. That being said, the apparent loss of Eddie saw Dylan and Venom merging anyways to avenge Eddie, fighting the squadron of troops responsible for the explosion.

It's going to be interesting to see where Jon's Superman and Dylan's Venom go from here. While their origins may be similar, it does look as though their adventures (and the journies of their fathers) are going to deviate in some pretty dynamic and exciting ways as both of their new series continue in the months to come.

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