The Family Chantel: River Earns Fan Sympathy After Awkward Interrogation

Youngest Everett family sibling Riverknight Everett is smitten with his new girlfriend, Megan Montenegro, on The Family Chantel, but the younger brother of Chantel Jimeno experienced a very awkward interaction with her friends. River's new relationship with Megan, as well as his sister Winter Everett's long-term relationship with Jah, is at the center of plot lines for The Family Chantel season 3. While many viewers are already suspicious of Megan's intentions with her younger boyfriend, viewers were equally taken aback by Megan's intrusive friends.

Riverknight introduced Megan as a 28-year-old aspiring model with whom he had an immediate connection. Megan, who just turned 29, is a bit older than 23-year-old Riverknight, while the Savannah resident also lives four hours away from Riverknight's family dwelling in Atlanta. The most recent episode of The Family Chantel season 3 revealed that Megan and Riverknight have even more differences. Megan introduced Riverknight to her friends, despite the fact that the couple has yet to kiss. Megan's friends treated Riverknight as a child and were concerned that he still lives with his parents and doesn't have a job. One of Megan's friends repeatedly touched Riverknight's hair and face, despite his clear discomfort, while the women also grilled him on whether or not he was ready to be a step-father to Megan's son.

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The official @90dayfiance Instagram account shared a clip from the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off show that featured three of Megan's friends interrogating Riverknight. While the franchise is full of cringe-worthy moments, many commenters thought the incredibly awkward behavior of Megan's friends was a whole new level of discomfort for viewers. "Her friends were very disrespectful especially the girl who touching his hair," one top commenter wrote. "The friend touching his hair wants him," another commenter laughed. "This was the cringiest scene on television I’ve seen in a long time," one user weighed in. Commenters accused Megan's friends of not respecting boundaries or personal space.

Some commenters lectured Megan's friends about consent and boundaries. "Ewww don't touch the guys face/hair without permission," one commenter wrote. "Her friends were terrible for that. The entire encounter was [cringey] AF," an angry fan wrote. While watching Megan's friends interrogate and touch Riverknight was highly uncomfortable, many viewers are eagerly anticipating when Everett family matriarch Karen Everett flips the script to look into Megan. "Uhh oh. When Karen sees this she's going to show. them. THE. 🚪," one commenter speculated. Karen is known to be fiercely protective of her children, so it is likely that she will give Megan a hard time.

The Everett parents, Thomas and Karen, were first notoriously difficult on their eldest daughter Chantel's now-husband, Pedro Jimeno. Chantel and Karen next led the family to being suspicious of oldest child Royal Everett's now-wife, Angenette. While Jah is currently the number one enemy of Karen and Chantel, it is easy to see why they might set their interrogations on Megan. The Family Chantel viewers are suspicious of the 29-year-old since she is an aspiring model and singer. Many viewers think that Megan is using Riverknight for clout, though future episodes of The Family Chantel will provide the couple a chance to showcase if their relationship is real.

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The Family Chantel airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

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