The Boys Creator Garth Ennis Launches WWII Comic The Lion and the Eagle

Warning! Spoiler for The Lion and the Eagle #1

Garth Ennis is launching a new comic set during World War II, The Lion and the Eagle. The writer known for titles such as The Boys and Preacher is bringing his narrative style to the historical tale.

Ennis has told many stories that take the medium in new and bold directions. Whether he writes about a small town pastor encountering the supernatural in Preacher, or shows the dark side of commercialized superheroes in The Boys, he is consistently subverting readers’ expectations with exciting stories. As Batman: Reptilian concludes, his next project has been revealed to be yet another unconventional and intriguing tale.

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Announced byAfterShock Comics, writer Garth Ennis is teaming up with artist P.J. Holden (World of Tanks) for a new miniseries titled The Lion and the Eagle. Featuring colors by Matt Milla and letters by Rob Steen, the prestige miniseries will be set during World War II. The Lion and the Eagle delves into a little known story which took in 1942, following the Chindits who were a British special forces unit located in Burma. Veterans of the unit, Colonel Keith Crosby partners with Doctor Alistar Whitamore as they strive to reclaim the colony for their country. However according to Ennis, “…neither the jungle nor the foe have gotten any less savage, and when the shooting starts and the Japanese descend on the smaller British force in their midst, every man will be tested to his limit.”



The best stories bring attention to neglected reality, which is what Garth Ennis has often done through fiction. Although his work tends to have a backdrop of the supernatural, or based in a world with superheroes, he emphasizes real issues. Now, Ennis is bringing his voice to the conflict between the British and Japanese in Burma. Speaking on the upcoming title, he alluded to the importance of such a comic, saying, “The conflict between the British and Japanese in Burma is almost lost to history now; indeed, the British soldiers who fought there came to refer to themselves as The Forgotten Army. That’s partly what drew me to their story, a chance to keep alive the memories of the men who faced Imperial Japan.” Artist P.J. Holden commented on the duo’s collaboration, saying, “My job has been making sure I tell Garth’s story to the best of my ability, and they’ve allowed that. It’s been a long process bringing this one out, any book of this length will be, but I think it’s really stretched what I’m capable of doing and I think it’s the best thing Garth and I have done together.”

Holden and Ennis promise the miniseries to be an immersive experience, simultaneously educating readers and conveying a compelling narrative. Although not yet released, the first issue’s cover will be illustrated by Tim Bradstreet, with an alternate cover by Keith Burns, as shown in the preview. The Lion and the Eagle #1 is set to release digitally and in print on February 16, 2022.

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