Survivor: What Erik Reichenbach Has Been Up To Since Micronesia

With Survivor season 16 dropping on Netflix in November 2021, many fans have been wondering what past contestants like Erik Reichenbach have been up to now that the season will resurface for new fans. Viewers were first introduced to Erik during Survivor season 16, which was dubbed Fans vs. Favorites. Erik came in as a 22-year-old fan from Ypsilanti, Michigan. This season featured 10 former players compete against 10 new players competing for the title of Sole Survivor. The cast members were divided into two tribes: Malakal and Airai.

Erik was a fan-favorite the show, but many players remember him to this day for what is considered one of the dumbest moves in Survivor history: giving away his individual immunity necklace which caused him to be voted out of the game. After competing on Micronesia, Erik returned once again to compete on Survivor: Caramoan (also known as Fans vs. Favorites 2). All things considered, Erik happened to be the only fan from the original Fans vs. Favorites season to then return as a favorite/veteran contestant on Caramoan. During both of Erik's appearances on the show, he coincidentally finished the game in fifth place. Ever since his last appearance on Survivor, viewers haven't seen him compete on the long-running reality series. Alas, who's to say what can happen in the future.

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Since last competing on Survivor, Erik has since gotten married to Dana Ruff. Specifically, the couple has been together since August 2014. Nowadays, he can be seen drawing comic book art and posting it to his Instagram account known as @dabudoodles. He also designed the cover for Rob Cesternino's audiobook titled The Evolution Of Strategy.

Even though Erik has not competed on Survivor: Caramoan, he is still a fan of the franchise and has been seen throughout some of the shows. For instance, both he and James Clement appeared on stage at the Survivor: Ghost Island reunion. It is unknown if viewers will ever see him back to compete, but it seems certain that given the opportunity, fans would love to see him back on their screens.

With Survivor: Micronesia coming to Netflix in a few short weeks, fans will get to relive all the epic gameplay that went down during that season. While Survivor: Micronesia and Survivor: David vs. Goliath are joining the streaming platform, fans will have to say goodbye to Heroes vs. Villains and Cagayan (also known as Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty), which will leave Netflix. But Survivor fans can still stream every season on Paramount+, as well as Survivor 41, which is currently airing. So, it seems safe to say that there are plenty of ways that Survivor fans can get their fix of the show.

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