Strand's Empire Makes Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Timeline Confusing

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Fear the Walking Dead season 7, episode 1.

Strand’s storyline makes the timeline that Fear the Walking Dead has set for season 7 confusing. When Teddy (John Glover) set off a nuclear apocalypse, many thought that the series would use a long time skip, especially since it was assumed that it would be some time before the outside world would be safe again. However, only a little more than two months have passed since the events of the Fear the Walking Dead season 6 finale.

Following the transformation that Texas endured as a consequence of Teddy’s actions, Fear the Walking Dead season 7 picked up after the main characters have had some time to adjust. In the season 7 premiere, a comment made by Will (Gus Halper) about being kicked out of Alicia's bunker 50 days ago provided a big hint of where season 7 takes place in The Walking Dead timeline but didn’t completely spell it out. However, Fear the Walking Dead season 7, episode 3, titled “Cindy Hawkins” was less ambiguous about it. The record that June (Jenna Elfman) and John (Keith Carradine) were keeping of the days spent underground confirmed that it’s been 70 days since the detonation of the nukes.

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The Fear the Walking Dead season 7 timeline is complicated by what the series has been doing with Strand (Colman Domingo) and his growing empire. The character has impressively built a new settlement and has amassed a large number of men and resources. And from the looks of things, Strand is making great progress with his community. What’s surprising about that is the fact that he’s somehow pulled this off in just two months. After all, season 6 ended with just Strand and Howard (Omid Abtahi) at the building where they currently reside. That means that they went from just two people to an entire thriving community in the span of only two months.

Strand having so many people on his side this early into the nuclear apocalypse raises questions about how he and Howard found all these people so quickly. What he’s achieved feels a bit improbable, but at the same time may be necessary for season 7’s story. Clearly, Strand is meant to be a major villain for Morgan’s group in the episodes to come, and the power he’s attained is sure to be a driving force behind what comes next.

Regardless of the timeline issues, what Strand built in two months is a testament to what he’s really capable of. It’s also a sign of how powerful he can become if even more time passes. Now that Victor Strand has put aside his inhibitions and is finally embracing his true nature, Fear the Walking Dead season 7 is allowing him to fulfill his potential as a villain.

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