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The Star Wars franchise is chock full of excellent characters who have been and will continue to be adored for generations. Few are as memorable and impactful as Leia Organa. The Princess turned General is one of the saga's greatest heroes and someone who has inspired countless fans over the years with her actions and her words.

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Leia has so many excellent quotes for fans to love, from hilarious, sarcastic quips to lines that have been burned into fans' minds for over 40 years, Leia has a wide selection of great quotes to choose from.

10 Her Sarcastic Offer Of Help To Han & The Falcon

"Would It Help If I Got Out & Pushed?"

One of Leia's most underappreciated and funniest quotes in the original trilogy comes in The Empire Strikes Back when she has a typically charismatic exchange with Han on the Millennium Falcon.

Posing this question to Han, who was trying to fix and figure out the issues with his beloved ship, Leia, is hilarious. It is, of course, made better by Han's typically great reply of, "It might," and it is one of many standout comedic moments between the two future lovers.

9 When She Gave Droids Their Due

"Never Underestimate A Droid."

Droids in Star Wars films rarely get the love from characters they deserve. In The Rise Of Skywalkerthough, rather than insult or moan about droids, Leia comments that they should not be underestimated.

Leia has such a great point, considering how often droids save the day in Star Wars and how many beloved droids are seen throughout the franchise. This is not one of her most iconic quotes, but it is one of her best from the sequel trilogy.

8 When She Had To Say Goodbye To Han Again

"You Know, No Matter How Much We Fought, I've Always Hated Watching You Leave."

Most scenes shared between Han and Leia across the original and sequel trilogies are an absolute joy to watch but can also be incredibly emotional, such as when she and Han part ways for the final time in The Force Awakens.

Of course, hindsight makes Leia's goodbye to Han and her confession that she hates doing it all the worse. Han's death was a plot twist many saw coming, and the fact it does happen adds to the weight and tension from this scene. Saying what would be her final goodbye to the man she loves also adds further to the tragedy of Leia's life, making this one of the saddest sequel trilogy quotes.

7 Her Iconic Introduction To Luke

"Aren't You A Little Short For A Stormtrooper?"

Many lines in A New Hope have become endlessly iconic in the pop culture zeitgeist. From Luke's "But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters," to this memorable meeting between Leia and Luke.

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Luke entering Leia's cell with her lying there is one of the shots of the trilogy that sticks with fans after seeing the film for the first time. On top of being memorable, the fact that it is the first meeting between the characters makes it a critical moment in the Skywalker saga, made better by this Leia quip.

6 Her Reunion With Luke

"I Know What You're Gonna Say, I Changed My Hair."

While Luke and Leia's initial meeting is a moment to remember, their final meeting, their reunion in The Last Jedi on Crait, is terrific and a sequel trilogy moment that really pulls on the heartstrings.

In typical Leia fashion, she directs this funny quip to Luke in their first meeting since Luke went into exile on Ach-To, and it still manages to make fans misty-eyed. This scene is famous for Luke's "No one's ever really gone," but that should not take away from the great dialogue that Leia has in the sequence.

5 When She Took Action Into Her Own Hands

"Somebody Has To Save Our Skins, Into The Garbage Chute Flyboy!"

One of Leia's most admirable qualities is her bravery, and when she was younger, this bravery would lead to some lambasting on her part, with it being directed at Han in this scene.

Not satisfied with the iconic rescue from Luke, Han, and Chewie thus far, Leia takes manners into her own hands like the leader she is and demands everyone get into the garbage chute, hitting Han with the classic Star Wars insult "Flyboy" in the process.

4 When She Rescues Han

"Someone Who Loves You."

There are so many fantastic rescue scenes in Star Wars, not least of all the rescue of Han Solo from Jabba's Palace in which Leia disguises herself as Boussh and saves her love from carbonite freezing.

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Replying to the question of who she was from a blind Han, Leia hits Han with this smooth quote that preempts one of the couple's iconic kisses. The entire rescue makes for an incredible opening for Return Of The Jedi, and while Leia may be more remembered for her slave outfit and killing Jabba, being Boussh and rescuing Han is just as good.

3 From Her Appearance In Rebels

"I Feel Like Because I Can Fight, I Have To For Those Who Cannot."

There are so many great appearances from Skywalker saga heroes in Rebels, from Lando Calrissian to Mon Mothma all the way to Leia, who has one of her best quotes in the show.

It is a line that really sums up how fantastic of a person, how committed to fighting f0r those who need fighting for she is. Leia is like her mother, Padmé, in that regard. Her bravery, leadership, and selflessness are on display in this quote and are traits that have made her one of Star Wars' most admirable qualities.

2 Her Most Iconic Insult

"Why You Stuck-Up, Half-Witted, Scruffy Looking Nerfherder!"

The many times that Leia and Han go at each other's throats throughout the original trilogy make for so many funny comments and insults, and this from Leia in The Empire Strikes Back may be the best.

Of course, Han Solo cannot get totally upstaged by Leia, and his reply of "Who's scruffy looking?" is almost just as well remembered as Leia's wonderful, infinitely quotable insult that comes when Han comments on Leia having feelings for him.

1 Her Iconic Hologram

"Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're My Only Hope."

No pop culture franchise in the world has as many moments that will stand the test of time as Star Wars. One of these many moments, Leia's hologram message at the start of A New Hope, is one such moment.

Pleading to Obi-Wan for help in the fight against the Empire is a monologue that fans will never forget. That final plea of "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope," is ingrained in the minds of fans and is a quote that will continue to be remembered for generations.

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