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Looting items only to become over-encumbered is a nuisance for any The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim player who wants to sell or store their stuff. Triggered when the player collects enough items to exceed their carry weight, the over-encumbered status in Skyrim prohibits the player from fast traveling, sprinting, and running. It basically reduces the game to a slog, with the player character only able to slowly walk to wherever they need to go. If the player happens to get into a fight, it is even worse, as the over-encumbered player will not be able to dodge or run away from any incoming attacks.

Most players try to erase over-encumbrance in Skyrim by increasing their carry weight, and it’s a valid enough strategy with allthe methods players have available. Increasing stamina, getting the Extra Pockets pickpocket perk, and making use of certain enchantments can all increase carry weight significantly. But, sometimes, it is not enough, and players can't bear to leave any item behind. Followers are not always enough to carry the player’s heavy burdens. In these cases, players can use three other methods to fast travel while holding all their stuff.

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One of the best methods for fast traveling while over-encumbered in Skyrim is to make sure to always carry a powerful potion that can increase carry weight. This can be a Fortify Carry Weight potion or a Strength potion, as long as it increases the player’s carry weight capacity enough to temporarily erase the encumbered status. Players will want to be sure to either buy or craft the most powerful potion possible. When that potion is ingested, they can immediately open the map and select a location. They should arrive at that location with no hassle, but, after fast traveling, the potion’s effects wear off, which makes the player is over-encumbered again. Players should use their opportunity to reach a town or city where they can unload their loot.

Another option for traveling long distances while over-encumbered in Skyrim is to use a mount like a horse, as these creatures are capable of carrying the player regardless of the amount of loot they are carrying. It really is that easy, provided the mount is conveniently nearby. But, for most mounts, having one close by can be a bit challenging since most are skittish by nature. Arvak is the most ideal mount for over-encumbered travel purposes since he can be summoned in any outdoor location.

The last method is rather odd, but it can get the job done. If the player character has some skill in conjuration, they can use a corpse as a temporary pack mule. To do this, they should approach a recently slain enemy like a bandit or draugr, enter its inventory, and load it with as much as it can carry. If players lose their over-encumbered status by doing this, then they can use a spell like “raise zombie” or “reanimate corpse” to turn the dead body into a thrall. They should fast-travel before the spell wears off and will find themselves at their desired location with a pile of ashes right next to them. Those ashes should have all the items that the player deposited on the corpse.

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