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Many Skyrim players prefer to go it alone, but for those who enjoy a bit of camaraderie, or who install combat mods for a greater challenge, followers become handy. By taking one, or several of these characters along for the ride, players can avoid being overwhelmed by scores of high-level enemies, bosses, and other trials.

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Not all followers are built alike, however. Some stand apart from the crowd as the absolute best of the best; worthy of any Dragonborn's respect. Each has something to offer in terms of personality, combat prowess, and level of support, making them invaluable when things start getting a bit too rough.

Updated on November 10th, 2021 by Derek Draven: There are dozens upon dozens of followers to choose from in Skyrim, and that can make it hard to pick the right ones. For those playing through Skyrim for the umpteenth time, it's a good opportunity to shake things up a bit by forging relationships with new followers that they've never tried before. If nothing else, it's bound to change the dynamic of Skyrim by allowing players to get to know characters they never considered partnering with before.

15 Mjoll The Lioness

Mjoll is best described as a fierce fighter with a strong moral compass, and it shows in her actions and dialogue. She's opposed to evil outfits like the Dark Brotherhood, and she possesses a strong sense of compassion and justice. She can be found near the Bee and Barb Inn within Riften.

Players will need to locate her sword Grimsever in order to have her tag along. Once she does, Mjoll will soak up damage, whilst dealing out a lot in return. There are characters who are more powerful, but Mjoll has a special charm that feels pure and honest, which is a nice addition.

14 Ingjard

As a Nord, Ingjard has a 50% resistance to frost, and that's good news when battling ice-based foes, or those who wield magical powers. Ingjard can be recruited after the “Prophet” quest is completed, which is part of the main quest in the Dawnguard DLC. Even though she is a mighty Nord, her two-handed weapon preference means that she can be pecked at by enemies that attack quickly.

She is one of the few followers in the entirety of Skyrim that will still unquestioningly follow the Dragonborn if they’re a vampire, speaking volumes about her loyalty. She also doesn’t have a level cap, meaning she will grow as powerful as the Dragonborn will allow, throughout the course of their travels.

13 Erandur

Erandur is a Dunmer who can be found at the Windpeak Inn at Dawnstar, and it's there that he triggers a quest to save the town's people from a vicious and malevolent force that invades their dreams. The player must team up with Erandur to complete the "Walking Nightmare" quest, at which point he can be recruited.

He's a rather stoic and uncharismatic character, but he makes up for it in combat ability. He's got some solid magic skills to wield in battle, but when things get up close and personal, he'll bust out a mace to defend himself.

12 Vilkas

The brother of fellow lycanthropic Nord Farkas, Vilkas is a master-level trainer in the art of two-handed weapons. He does offer some in-depth dialogue options in comparison to his brother and is considered the most intellectual member of the Companions.

He does well in battle against foes, but he lacks the same punch as his brother, Farkas. Still, while not as powerful as his brother, he is quite effective in combat, and his chatty nature can be a good thing whilst on the road, or in the middle of the wilderness.

11 Jenassa

This powerful follower hangs out at the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun, making her one of the earliest, and most easily accessible potential followers in the game. Jenassa is no slouch when it comes to combat. She's an expert archer that can trek into the most dangerous of places wearing heavy armor if so desired.

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She can also retrieve arrows during travels, which is a definite plus, and her only real drawback is a lack of magical ability. For many gamers, Jenassa is a surefire way to survive the first few perilous adventures whilst they level up their characters.

10 Aela The Huntress

Aela is a member of the Companions and a master trainer in archery. The most fanatical member of the Circle, she's the only member of the Companions who refuses to be cured of her lycanthropy after one of the main quests is completed. She constantly talks about being a werewolf, and all the bloodshed and hunting that it entails.

She can also be considered a marriage option, provided players don't mind hearing about the wonders and blessings of being a werewolf on a consistent, routine basis. Still, as a fighter, Aela is extremely capable and worthy of taking along on a trip or two. Following in her story leads players to "The Silver Hand," one of the best quests in the base Skyrim game.

9 Eola

Eola bears the distinction of being one of the most unsettling followers in the entire game. She's not particularly moral, or good-natured, due mostly to her cannibalistic tendencies. In fact, Eola can convince the player to join her cult, where they can partake in the feasting of human flesh.

For those who don't mind going down this road, Eola does give back in spades. She's an expert when it comes to sneaking, and she can even resurrect dead corpses and use them in battle. Her only drawback is a lack of heavy armor and weaponry, which can make her more vulnerable in a fight.

8 Teldryn Sero

Few followers in Skyrim are as versatile and tough as Teldryn Sero, and he continues to impress as a mainline option. He can be recruited near Raven Rock for 500 gold, at which point players can take advantage of his excellent combat prowess and tactical efficiency.

Sero wields Elven weapons and Chitin armor, which is an odd combination, but it works. He can also wield magic alongside one-handed weapons, which is an extra bonus. Aside from his combat efficiency, he's also a chatterbox who can keep the conversations going for a while.

7 Illia

Mage followers are scarce in Skyrim, but Illia is one of the best. She can be found at the Darklight Tower, where the player must help her kill her opportunistic mother who is attempting to transform herself into a hagraven. Once completed, she can join the player, bringing her vast magical powers along.

Illia is highly proficient in frost-based spells, particularly Ice Spike, which can deal incredible amounts of damage. She's vulnerable in a close-up fight, but as an offensive support character, she brings a highly valuable set of skills to the table.

6 J'zargo

J’zargo is a Khajiit apprentice mage who can be found at the College Of Winterhold. He’s an extremely powerful mage who uses a variety of skills and elemental attacks in battle. While J’zargo can come off as somewhat of a jerk, he is still a good companion to have on the road.

Khajiit are a mysterious race with a lot to reveal, but few of them tend to wield magic. Typically, the race is traditionally tied to shadowy guilds and sneaky professions, and it's rare to see them pursue the arcane arts to any large degree.

5 Cicero

Incredibly annoying, but unquestionably talented, Cicero is the keeper of the Night Mother, the rotten body in a coffin that commands the Dark Brotherhood assassins in their selection of contracts. If players can tolerate his bizarre behavior and oddball ramblings, they’ll find an effective and terrifying assassin who will randomly break out in dance at the most inappropriate moments.

Cicero also has a multitude of unique and interesting dialogue if brought along, meaning that he can keep the game’s long, winding trails interesting. His combat ability, mixed with his penchant for delivering zany one-liners and stories makes him a unique alternative to the traditional warrior type.

4 Argis The Bulwark

For good old-fashioned strength and stopping power, Argis is the follower to beat. He can be located in Markarth inside the Vlindrel Hall, and will also serve as housecarl to the player if they achieve Thane status. In a fight, it's hard to beat his efficiency with weapons, as well as his ability to wear heavy armor.

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In addition to being a loyal and trustworthy fighter, Argis also sports some entertaining dialogue, which is great for long trips on the road. With his battle prowess at their side, players can wade into some of the deadlier dungeons and areas of Skyrim, knowing they have some solid backup.

3 Lydia

Probably the most recognizable housecarl from Skyrim, Lydia is effective in combat situations when fighting alongside the Dragonborn. If she becomes the Dovahkiin’s wife, she contributes unique perks that make her one of the most desirable mates in the game.

In combat, Lydia is renowned for her prowess. She's well-rounded as a character, making her a solid fit for any adventure. Plus, she's usually the first follower that players encounter in the game, which means they can team up with her to tackle some of the most challenging quests Skyrim has to offer.

2 Frea

Frea can be found at the Skaal Village, which is part of the Dragonborn DLC pack. The daughter of the village shaman, Frea is highly proficient in combat, making her one of the most reliable followers in the entire game. She's one of the few characters in the game who can dual-wield two weapons at the same time, which is a nice change.

This follower is capable of leveling up continuously, which is handy for those who want to pick one follower for the duration of the game as a reliable backup. Players may have a hard time recruiting her if their speech skill isn't high enough, so it's best to practice that smooth-talking to make sure she'll join.

1 Serana

As one of the only pure-blood vampires to exist in the Elder Scrolls universe, Serana is a central component to the main quest in the Dawnguard DLC. She's also one of the most advanced followers in the game and will interact with the environment in complex ways, while often commenting on the state of the Dragonborn’s situation.

Combat-wise, she’s a powerful necromancer that will raise all types of dead enemies to fight alongside her in battle, switching to melee weapons once her mana pool runs dry. With her complex conversation options, unique vampire quirks, and deadly necromancer abilities, she is easily one of the best, and one of the most likable, followers in Skyrim.

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