Sister Wives: Why Fans Are So Inspired By Christine’s Latest Cameo

Christine Brown endured a tumultuous journey with her polygamist family throughout her decade starring on Sister Wives, but the reality star's latest video highlights Christine's perseverance and optimism. After 27 years of spiritual marriage, Christine left her husband Kody Brown and his sister wives, but the television personality isn't turning cynical. From wishing the best for her former plural family to her ability to connect with viewers, here's how Christine's recent Cameo has inspired fans.

Aside from Christine herself, Sister Wives' audience knows the most about the harrowing ordeal the former sister wife underwent in her marriage with Kody. Since the Brown family acquired their reality series and Kody married his fourth and favorite wife, Robyn, Christine has struggled to find her place in the polygamist clan. Unfortunately for the trio of Kody's first wives, after Robyn entered the picture, the patriarch wasn't the best at diplomatically distributing his affection between his quartet of spouses. On top of not feeling loved by her husband, Christine was fed up with Kody for not listening to her plea to move back to Utah and neglecting their daughter Ysabel during her spine surgery. In the Sister Wives season 16 trailer, Christine asked "Why would I want to live... with a dysfunctional marriage?"

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Although some fans thought Christine was only bluffing about leaving Kody, the reality star proved she was serious when she announced her split from the polygamist patriarch. While most Sister Wives viewers were thrilled for Christine's show of independence, many fans were concerned for the former sister wife during her transition back to single life. Fortunately, a video message from Christine put all of her follower's fears to rest. One Reddit user shared a heartfelt Cameo he received from the Sister Wives star in which Christine shared, "Once you make the decision to get a divorce... you still have the rest of your life with these wonderful people... and navigating all of that also difficult." After speaking about the hardships she's facing following her bold decision to leave the family, Christine explained she doesn't resent her spiritual ex-husband and she's doing just fine.

Christine acknowledged the messages she received panning Kody but assured her Cameo patron that she has no ill-will. Christine confessed, "There's no anger or anything like that. There was sadness, for sure, but... this is a journey... and I'm just in it." Fans were moved by the Sister Wives star's kindness which prompted one Reddit user to comment, "I love Christine [because] of her heart... You can tell she loves big and cares so much. That is inspiring." Viewers agreed that Christine oozed understanding and had a knack for relating to her followers through Cameo. One fan shared, "I was never a huge fan of her, but her Cameos are winning me over. She seems very genuine and eager to connect with her fans." By being vulnerable about her struggles while maintaining her trademark idealism, Christine continues to encourage Sister Wives fans on and off of reality TV.

Christine hasn't always had the best relationship with Sister Wives fans, but since leaving Kody, the former wife has served as a source of inspiration for her followers. From remaining optimistic during her distressing divorce to showing affection for her Cameo patrons, Christine is showing viewers that life is challenging but navigable. Hopefully, Christine will continue to embolden Sister Wives fans in her forthcoming years separated from the polygamous Brown family.

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