Sister Wives: Why Fans Are Attacking Robyn After Christine & Kody Split

Christine Browns' decision to leave Kody shocked Sister Wives fans and many of the show's viewers are holding Kody's fourth wife, Robyn, responsible for the spiritual breakup. Just as it's no surprise that Robyn receives the most affection from Kody, it's well-known that fans don't care for the sister wife they've mocking nicknamed, "Sobbyn Robyn." From comments accusing Robyn of controlling Kody to replacing Christine in the plural marriage, here's why fans are attacking Robyn following the split.

Most of the Sister Wives stars have prominent social media presences, however, Robyn has taken a different approach to interacting with fans online. Meri, Janelle, and Christine all have over 500,000 followers and hundreds of posts on Instagram, but Robyn is far less popular and active. Robyn strays from the precedent her trio of sister wives set as she has less than 200,000 followers and hasn't posted on the social media platform since March 2019.

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Before Christine and Kody's spiritual marriage of 27 years came to an end, Sister Wives fans were already comfortable badgering Robyn on social media. Regardless of the post, the reality TV star was sure to be met with dozens of nasty comments, chiefly about the preferential treatment Robyn got from Kody. As can be imagined, fans' anger toward Robyn has only increased since Christine abandoned her marriage with Kody.

Kody's relationships with his wives have been scrutinized by viewers for the past decade the Brown family's starred on TV. Whether Meri's drawn to starting an online relationship with a catfish as a result of Kody's neglect or Christine opts to move to Utah instead of living on Kody's Coyote Pass land, Sister Wives has demonstrated the dysfunction in most of Kody's marriages. Even though Kody is the patriarch of the polygamist family, the Brown family's viewers have placed the brunt of the blame on Robyn. While it's true that Robyn is Kody's most loved and cared for wife, it's not necessarily the sister wife's fault that her husband is neglecting his first trio of spouses. Despite Kody being the greatest offender in the demise of his marriage with Christine, fans have sarcastically congratulated Robyn on successfully turning Christine away from the family.

On Instagram, Robyn received an influx of comments from her critics which continue the narrative that Robyn is responsible for Christine's departure from the plural marriage. Under Robyn's most recent Instagram post from March 2019, which ironically reads the bible quote, "Let everything you do be done in love," Sister Wives fans went hard on Kody's fourth wife. One comment read, "Are you happy now?" Clearly, this viewer believes Robyn's been motivated to make being married to Kody be as unbearable as possible for the other wives in hopes that she would be in a monogamous relationship with the patriarch. Another one of Robyn's trolls agreed with this take writing, "You’re doing it! One down and two to go!" Both of these comments allege the conspiracy theory that Robyn is sabotaging Kody's relationship with his other wives and will continue to do so until Meri and Janelle leave as well.

Another one of Robyn's critics explained that they think Robyn is hypocritical. The commenter noted how Robyn's Instagram post called for love but argued that the fourth wife hasn't been loving throughout her run on Sister Wives. The Instagram user wrote, "You cry and manipulate an entire family. Too bad you’ll walk away with [an] old narcissistic loser. Ehh you deserve one another." Sister Wives fans agree that although Robyn has shared messages of peace, she is the catalyst for dysfunction between Kody and his first three wives. The fan explained, "Ever since you showed up, everything went downhill for everyone else." Another Sister Wives viewer that doesn't support Robyn's actions agreed that Robyn's hasn't been loving to her sister wives or their children. The fan wrote, "Guess your love hurt 3 other women, not to mention all of those kids."

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Unfortunately for Robyn, the reality star received hateful comments on more than just her most recent post. In the comments section of another photo Robyn shared on Instagram in March 2019, Sister Wives fans continued expressing their anger with Robyn. Although Robyn's picture instructed her followers to "Put God first," the comments the reality star garnered were the opposite of heavenly. One fan shared that they found this post to be hypocritical and alleged that Robyn puts herself above her plural family and religion. The angry Sister Wives viewer vented, "u don't put God first u put u first." Another fan also argued that Robyn hasn't prioritized her faith, and labeled the reality star "a narcissist like [her] husband kody!" 

Comments like these indicate that the TV personality's haters are angry with her for more than just supposedly being at fault for the end of Christine and Kody's marriage. Statements that slam Robyn's religious devotion and call her narcissistic convey that Sister Wives audiences think Robyn is a selfish person. Whether she was on a reality show breaking up a polygamous family or she was in a monogamous relationship without any competition, these comments aimed at Robyn's character demonstrate that Sister Wives fans tend to get mad at Robyn just because they don't like her.

Another reason why fans have attacked Robyn after Christine decided to exit the Brown family's plural marriage is to get a rise out of her. By flooding the reality star's comments, some fans are hoping to get attention from the Sister Wives star. Under a promotional post for the family's former business, My Sister Wife's Closet, Robyn's critics attempted to get on Robyn's radar. One especially irate troll criticized Robyn on several fronts including being happy after she has "destroyed [her] family." On top of throwing the typical jab about wrecking the Brown family, this fan also went low and attacked Robyn's appearance.

When this user noticed that none of the vitriol they or their fellow Robyn-haters commented on the reality star's Instagram was acknowledged by the sister wife, they were surprisingly disappointed. The Sister Wives critic asked, "Why doesn’t she answer?" demonstrating trolls' desire to get validation from the sister wife they're attacking. This user also proves that Robyn's years off of social media is a brilliant strategy to ignore trolls and frustrate them with her indifference.

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The majority of comments found below Robyn's past few Instagram posts reveal that members of the Sister Wives fanbase attack Kody's fourth wife for reasons such as they believe she's responsible for Christine's broken heart, they don't like her personality, and they want to elicit a response from the reality star. Fortunately for Robyn, not all of the messages on her Instagram have come from a hateful place. Some commenters have noticed the riled-up crowd of trolls and tried to inject some reason into the one-sided conversation. In response to the fans that maligned Robyn for causing a rift between Christine and Kody, one fan shared, "Do not blame her, it is Kody who says he is in love with several women." 

Although it's popular to blame Robyn, this user was aware that Kody has to be held accountable for his marriage with Christine failing. Another Sister Wives fan was dismayed by the amount of hate that Robyn received following the end of Christine's spiritual marriage. The Instagram user shared, "These comments are unbelievable. Social media has become evil." While social media might not be to blame for the abundance of negative remarks aimed at Robyn due to the end of a relationship she wasn't part of, this Sister Wives fan understands that there's a line between criticism and hate that the participants of Robyn's Instagram comments section have crossed.

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