Shin Megami Tensei 5: Every Miman Location (Taito Region)

In Shin Megami Tensei V’s vast replica of modern-day Tokyo, players are searching everywhere for little red demons. They're called Miman and can be found in different locations in every region. There are a total of 200 in the game and 50 are scattered about Taito. The task is new to this Shin Megami Tensei game and is brought on by the shopkeeper Gustave.

Early on in Shin Megami Tensei 5, Gustave will offer players a brief tutorial on how to find Miman as he needs help collecting them for an army. After this introduction players are on their own in locating the others. This is a relatively rewarding side-quest because players may earn several perks and items while completing it.

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Finding the Miman is a good way to farm glory in Shin Megami Tensei V because players will earn a small amount for each one. This adds up to a lot of glory considering the search is for 200 Mian. Other rewards gained for finding Mimans are Essence, Talismans, and gem sets.

Players may find that the Miman in Taito are organized a bit differently than the others in Shin Megami Tensei 5. There's not a set path to follow, and the Miman are in groups throughout the Region. The Miman will be found in different areas of like on cliffs, in buildings, on rooftops, and in corners. They are slightly hidden if players aren't otherwise looking for them. Keep an eye open for every Miman in the Taito Region. Here are their locations:

  • Miman #1: In a corner on the rooftop (behind a small rooftop building), at the Ueno Leyline.
  • Miman #2: Inside a building with broken glass windows, South of the Ueno Leyline (through a hole).
  • Miman #3: In corner of the broken building rooftop, South West of the Ueno Leyline.
  • Miman #4: On the right side of the broken road, North of Ueno.
  • Miman #5: Between some rocks and a tree, North East of the Ueno Leyline (To the right of the Eligor).
  • Miman #6: At the far end of a cave, North of Ueno Leyline.
  • Miman #7: On a path on the ground level behind a vending machine, North of Umayabashi Leyline.
  • Miman #8: In a corner near Dominion quest, South of the Ueno Leyline.
  • Miman #9: At the end of a narrow path near some trees, South of Ueno Park Leyline.
  • Miman #10: On the far left side of Shinobazu pond.
  • Miman #11: On a ledge over Shinobazu pond, the North West part of Shinobazu pond.
  • Miman #12: On a cliff behind a mountain wall, West of the Asakusa Leyline.
  • Miman #13: Atop the black structure with circular patterns, West of Asakusa Leyline.
  • Miman #14: On the corner of the black structure with circular patterns near the hill, North West of the Asakusa Leyline.
  • Miman #15: On the ground level of the circular area, the North East of Asakusa.
  • Miman #16: Atop a clip and some climbing blocks, Far North-East of Asakusa circular area.
  • Miman #17: At the bottom side of a large wall, South West of Asakusa.
  • Miman #18: Just out of the shaded area of the wall in a corner, Sout West of Asakusa.
  • Miman #19: Up a path on a hill, South East of the previous one.
  • Miman #20: In a lit corner on the ground level, South of Asakusa.
  • Miman #21: Along the street on ground level, West of Asakusa circular area.
  • Miman #22: In a corner of the maze on ground level, South West of Asakusa Main Street Leyline.
  • Miman #23: Atop one of the maze structures, start at Komagata Leyline and jump off the North West side head West and South West.
  • Miman #24: At the edge of a block structure, North East of Komagat Leyline.
  • Miman #25: At the edge of a cliff next to a block structure, jump off to the North West of the Komagata Leyline.
  • Miman #26: Atop the large structure, at Komagata Leyline pass the crooked structures and to the right, then head South and drop down.
  • Miman #27: On a rooftop, North West of Umayabashi Leyline.
  • Miman #28: On a cliff near a destroyed structure, to the left of the previous Miman.
  • Miman #29: At the edge of a building in a corner, the Mid West of the map and West from Ueno Leyline.
  • Miman #30: At the edge of a cliff, West of Shinobazu Pond.
  • Miman #31: Behind a brick building on a road on the ground level, South of Shinobazu Pond.
  • Miman #32: Far down on the ground level near a tall windowed building, West of Shinobazu Pond Leyline.
  • Miman #33: On the corner of a rooftop, South West of Shinobazu Pond.
  • Miman #34: By a large rock between two trees in the grassy area, North of Shinobazu Pond Leyline.
  • Miman #35: At the end of a path alongside the mountain wall, past the Sarasvati NPC to the East and North of a structure.
  • Miman #36: Near a grassy area on a cliff, further up the climbing structures from the previous Miman.
  • Miman #37: Near some broken slabs on a cliff, East of the Umayabashi Leyline through the buildings.
  • Miman #38: Between a brown-squared and a grey-slab building, North of the Umayabashi Leyline.
  • Miman #39: On a rooftop facing the black mountain wall, North of the Umayabashi Leyline pass the thrones and through and atop the building.
  • Miman #40: On a level in a broken glass building, North East on the train tracks by Ueno, then West towards buildings, inside the buildings to the North.
  • Miman #41: In a little cove under the train tracks, South East on the tracks from the previous Miman.
  • Miman #42: On the side and below the highway, South East of the train tracks.
  • Miman #43: Atop a mountainous rock, West of Ueno Leyline between telephone wires and Mountains.
  • Miman #44: On the edge of the train tracks, West of the Ueno Leyline on the East side of the bridge.
  • Miman #45: On a rooftop by tiny rocks, North of Ueno Park Leyline before Zeus.
  • Miman #46: In a shady grassy area between trees, North East of Abaddon.
  • Miman #47: Inside of a destroyed building, mid-West of the map.
  • Miman #48: Near a vending machine at the border of the map, South East of Ueno Park Leyline.
  • Miman #49: In a building near the level 99 abscess, North West of Ueno.
  • Miman #50: In a building on the ground level, East Motoasakusa.

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Shin Megami Tensei 5 is available on Nintendo.

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