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Warning: SPOILERS for Saved By The Bell season 2

Following the continued success of the revival in its second season audiences are wondering whether there will be a  Saved By The Bell season 3. Given the season 2 climax, the possibility raises interesting questions around the potential story. Considering the numerous ongoing Saved By The Bell storylines, there are certainly several intriguing possibilities.

Developed by 30 Rock writer, Tracey Wigfield, the iconic 90s show was updated to the modern-day for Peacock. With a cast blending new and original Saved By The Bell stars, the show was celebrated by critics and was the streaming service’s most-watched offering. Following the events of season 1, Saved By The Bell season 2 saw former Douglas High students Daisy Jiménez (Haskiri Velazquez), Aisha Garcia (Alycia Pascual-Peña), and Devante Young (Dexter Darden) embark on their junior year. Rejoined by their wealthy Bayside friends Mac Morris (Mitchell Hoog), Jamie Spano (Belmont Cameli), and Lexi Haddad-DeFabrizio (Josie Totah), their return coincided with the Southern California School Spirit Competition and a reignited feud with neighboring school: Valley.

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With both the contest and feud both having ties to the past, Saved By The Bell season 2 also weaved the iconic originals into the story. As well as paying tribute to Screech (Dustin Diamond) after his death, Zack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), Kelly (Tiffani Thiessen), Slater (Mario Lopez), Jessie (Elizabeth Berkley Lauren), and Lisa (Lark Voorhies) continued to grow and evolve through journeys of their own. Saved By The Bell season 2, episode 10, “Let The Games Begin” brought those various plot threads to a fun conclusion while also teasing future stories. In this context, here’s everything we know about Saved By The Bell season 3.

Since Saved By The Bell season 2 was only released on November 24, 2021, it’s too early to say for sure regarding its renewal for season 3. Given the show’s early success, however, Peacock has clearly been invested and is likely waiting to see if there’s any kind of audience drop-off. That investment extended to allowing the writers to craft a somewhat open-ended final Saved by The Bell season 2 episode. Between all of that and the continued buzz surrounding the show, the chances of there being a Saved By The Bell season 3 are high. Much like last time, an official announcement will likely be made within the next two months.

After the core Bayside gang were successful in defeating Valley at the School Spirit Competition, the way was paved for several avenues in future episodes. Primarily, Saved By The Bell season 2 ended with Slater and Jessie throwing caution to the wind and getting back together. As such, Saved By The Bell season 3 will likely explore the results of that decision. Given that Jamie struggled with his parents’ divorce throughout Saved By The Bell season 2, he may take issue with his mother moving on so quickly with his coach. Saved By The Bell season 3 will no doubt also mine comedy and drama out of original Saved By The Bell characters Zack and Kelly becoming School Superintendent and going to Medical School, respectively. Equally, Mac will probably have to reckon with his burgeoning romantic feelings for Daisy — all against the backdrop of what will be the students’ senior year.

The following main cast will almost certainly return for any prospective Saved By The Bell season 3, including the likes of Haskiri Velazquez, Mitchell Hoog, Josie Totah, Alycia Pascual-Peña, Belmont Cameli, and Dexter Darden. Equally, Elizabeth Berkley Lauren and Mario Lopez, will retain their consistent presence alongside John Michael Higgins as Principal Toddman. Meanwhile, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani Thiessen, and Lark Voorhies will continue to drop in intermittently. Having cemented their relationship, Aisha’s girlfriend Chloe (Ariela Barer) will also likely return for Saved By The Bell season 3 alongside other recurring Bayside students. After being defeated and officially rejected by Daisy, the villainous Saved By The Bell student Gil (Matthew Sato) could also return to unleash vengeful schemes.

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Covid-19 and the subsequent introduction of new filming protocols infamously slowed down and disrupted several productions. Despite that, Saved By The Bell season 2 was able to release in November, almost exactly a year after its debut. That pattern will likely remain. As such, Saved By The Bell season 3 should be expected sometime in late November 2022.

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