Saved By The Bell Acknowledges & Worsens Theme Song Complaints

Warning: SPOILERS for Saved By The Bell season 2!

Saved by the Bell season 2 briefly introduced a different theme song that emphasized and made worse the issues with the current main one. People were skeptical at best when it was first announced that the iconic 90s series was getting the reboot treatment. Fortunately, doubts were largely washed away with the release of season 1. Featuring a cast of new and familiar Saved by the Bell characters, most critics and viewers were won over by the hilarious blend of witty, self-aware parody and genuine heart, all delivered by a talented cast.

For all the positives bestowed upon Peacock’s Saved by the Bell revival, there was one negative that was almost universally agreed upon. Crafted by Grammy-nominated rapper Lil Yachty, the new Saved by the Bell theme song was widely dubbed an awful misstep from the moment it was first unveiled. Even when the first run of episodes was made available, hearing it with the context of the opening credits did nothing to shift opinion. Despite that, this chosen theme song remained locked in place throughout almost the entirety of Saved by the Bell season 2. There was, however, a brief respite, but even that proved to be a double-edged sword.

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After Daisy’s new boyfriend Gil was revealed to be a mole from rival school Valley, Saved by the Bell season 2, episode 9, “Dancing to the Max,” opened with a flashback detailing the origin of his plot. The entire scene was a complete reversal, with Gil (real name Jake Takamura) and his friends just being race-swapped counterparts of the main Bayside gang and their restaurant being named The Min. The villainous group even had their own version of the opening credits, with their show called The Nick of Time. Frustratingly, however, the accompanying theme song was closer to the one from the original Saved by the Bell show in terms of music, lyrics, and general flow. Simply put, it was infinitely more fun and catchy. As a result,  it felt even more disappointing the next time Lil Yachty’s version returned.

This actually wasn’t the first time the new Saved by the Bell reboot experienced this particular problem. In Saved by the Bell season 1, episode 8, “The Todd Capsule,” Zack, Kelly, Slater, and Jessie were officially reunited, with even Lisa Turtle appearing briefly. In celebration of that fact, the opening credits directly used the original Saved by the Bell theme music. Once again, even when paired with credits designed to fit other music, the flow was much smoother and, more importantly, catchier. As a result, that made two instances in now two seasons that provoked the question: Why not just use the original music in Saved by the Bell season 3 or beyond?

The answer to that would most likely have something to do with official agreements made and contracts signed. As such, it’s highly improbable that viewers will get anything different from Lil Yachty’s iteration — except, perhaps, on more special occasions akin to those above. Though it was understandable why the Saved By The Bell revival originally went the route it did, wanting to distinguish itself, it will undoubtedly remain a disappointment for many. Still, at least those who don’t enjoy it can simply continue to skip the opening credits entirely. Plus, there’s now another alternate song that can be revisited alongside the original Saved by the Bell theme anytime a viewer feels the urge.

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