Rick & Morty Has The Perfect Paul & Sandworm In Official Dune Art

Rick and Morty has the perfect Paul Atreides and sandworm in official Dune art. Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s epic sci-fi novel has finally arrived after months of breathless anticipation.

The notoriously dense book may have proven an immense challenge to capture on film but most agree Villeneuve managed to bring a lot of Herbert’s vision vividly to life. The film’s various far-flung worlds are all rendered with great visual power and its central story of the Atreides’ family’s betrayal comes powerfully to life. Most striking of all though is the film’s depiction of the sandworms of Dune, the iconic monsters that roam the deserts of Arrakis and serve as awesome reminders of the raw power of nature in a future world of high technology.

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Given the show’s unceasing dedication to paying homage to all things sci-fi, it’s no surprise to see Rick and Morty getting in on the Dune action with a new piece of official art transforming Rick Sanchez into Paul Atreides, Morty Smith into Lady Jessica and Mr. Meeseeks into a somewhat less-than-awesome sandworm. See the image in the space below:

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Rick becoming Paul may seem a bit strange given that the mad scientist is an old man and Paul in Dune is much younger. However, given Rick’s messianic delusions it may make perfect sense to cast him as the one who is believed by the people of Arrakis to be their savior. Casting Morty as Jessica makes sense too as Morty is always being dragged around on adventures by Rick, much as Jessica is dragged through a big chunk of Dune by her son as he seeks out his destiny. There’s of course an extra weirdness to Morty being Jessica as that is the name of his occasional love interest on the show.

But Mr. Meeseeks as the sandworm is of course the master stroke as there could not be anything more non-threatening than a Meeseeks. But of course if Meeseeks are misused, they can indeed unleash a whole lot of chaos. That said, if one saw a Meeseeks emerging from the sands they might not immediately be filled with terror. In truth though, the image makes it hard to see how big the Meeseeks is supposed to be. A giant Meeseeks would no doubt be every bit as terrifying as a sandworm if it came bursting out of the sand and began chasing you across the desert. All-in-all, the image represents the exact kind of twisted take on sci-fi that Rick and Morty has become known for. It will be interesting to see if the show comes for Dune when it returns to Adult Swim some time in 2022.

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