RHOBH: Cast Comments On Dorit Kemsley's Home Invasion

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills cast opened up about Dorit Kemsley’s terrifying home invasion. Just over two weeks ago, Dorit was reportedly woken in her bedroom in the middle of the night by three armed men, who broke into the house through her children’s classroom window. The men then reportedly stood at the foot of Dorit’s bed. After she woke up, they grabbed her and threatened to kill her. She reportedly begged for her life and told them not to hurt her children. Luckily, during the invasion, her two children remained asleep throughout the night, and had no idea what happened. Recently, a surveillance video of the armed robbers was revealed by LAPD, in an attempt to identify the men.

In an Instagram post, Dorit, a fashion designer, said she wanted to heal through the trauma by going back to work, and by making things feel as normal as possible again. She thanked God that her children were safe and stayed asleep. The mother of two has been seen filming with the other castmembers, at both a restaurant and a workout studio. After the invasion, costars Kyle Richards, Erika Jayne and Lisa Rinna went immediately to her house, less than 24 hours after the robbers departed, as the show was already filming, which means it might be a part of the next season.

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Fellow costars spoke with ET about the invasion as well as Dorit’s recovery from it. Kyle praised her for being strong, and said she managed the situation like a professional. She also said, however, that “the aftermath has not been so easy” for her, and it’s going to be a while before she is fully healed. Sutton Stracke said she saw the video recently and it terrified her. Crystal Kung Minkoff, a new castmember from last season, mentioned that she is trying to approach Dorit gently, even when she gives her a hug, because Crystal doesn’t want to scare her. The 36-year-old said everyone is working hard to provide as safe an environment as possible for her. Crystal expressed that she couldn’t imagine what it was like to experience something like that.


Sutton also shared with ET that one could “see it in her eyes" that Dorit was hurtingSutton said it was difficult for the entire cast to help their friend process the events, even if they thought she should maybe take a break from the show. But Dorit explained to Sutton that she needed to be strong for her kids, and that was the reason why she was still attending the events with the cast. When Sutton heard this, she finally understood how Dorit was able to film again, and Sutton was very impressed by her.

The entire incident has caused the women to reevaluate how they talk about certain things on the show. The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills is known for luxurious possessions, including sports cars, designer clothing, private pools, and multi-million-dollar homes. In the future, castmates might be less likely to share the true extent of their riches in the name of their own personal safety.

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