Red Hood Stole the Coolest Part of His New Weapons from Nightwing

Warning: Spoilers for Task Force Z #1!

When it comes to lethal weapons in DC ComicsRed Hood is a character who has plenty, and now that he’s utilizing a few new weapons in his fight against crime, he’s effectively stolen the best parts of them from Nightwing himself! Suffice it to say, trading in some guns for some sweet electric crowbars is definitely an important upgrade for this iconic Bat-Family member.

Seen in the pages of the zombie-tinged first issue of Task Force Z, by Matthew Rosenberg and Eddy Barrows, Red Hood stealing Nightwing’s electrically charged idea is one that couldn’t have come at a better time. Kidnapped and more or less forced to lead a team of undead bat-villains including Bane, Man-Bat, Arkham Knight, and Mr. Bloom, Red Hood ditching his iconic gun combo for a more physical — and shocking — ensemble is an upgrade that fans didn’t see coming, but is one that works well regardless of the similarities to his co-worker’s choice of beating utensils.

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Revealing his new crowbar weapons earlier in the issue, it’s not until a later fight with iconic Batman villain, Mr. Freeze, that their stolen capabilities are truly revealed. Looking like a normal pair of crowbars at first which on their own symbolize Jason reclaiming the weapon that Joker used to kill him years ago, their Nightwing patented enhancements come in clutch in a battle with a villain who he’s gone to-to-freezing-toe with many times in the past.

Leading his personal zombie horde into battle, Jason electrifies his crowbars as he charges, sending a coursing amount of crackling lightning up and down the entirety of these weapons, effectively repurposing an addition that Nightwing has more or less been synonymous with as of late in regards to his own electrically inclined escrima stick weapons. Going on to use the immense power of these shock tools to beat down Freeze in the most epic of fashions, it’s safe to say Red Hood chose the perfect vigilante to take his weapon cues from.

Often known to use guns with real bullets only to switch to nonlethal rubber rounds and now crowbars, Red Hood adding electricity to his repertoire is as good an upgrade as any. Made popular by Nightwing in comics as recent as last year’s Future State event, the always stellar Arkhamverse games, and even some choice comic arcs in the past, the idea behind giving Jason’s “normal” weapons some extra juice is probably the best thing going for him at the moment, especially now that he’s being forced to command a team of ghouls that could very well turn on him at any moment.

So although Jason most definitely copped the electricity idea from someone else, they feel right at home as a new and effective weapon against anyone that tries to mess with him. Red Hood may not want to admit it, but upgrading his new crowbars with some electricity is something he owes entirely to his bat-brother, Nightwing, so let’s just hope Dick doesn’t find out anytime soon lest he gives Jason some brotherly tasing — oops! — teasing!

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