Red Guardian Raises a Hilarious Question About Winter Soldier's Training

The former Soviet Russia’s answer to the creation of Captain America, the Red Guardian, has always exhibited similar abilities to other super soldiers established within the Marvel Universe. The feats Red Guardian is able to achieve are reminiscent of those done by Captain America or the Winter Soldier. The latest instance calls into question whether or not some of the things fans have seen them do are coincidences based on their superhuman abilities or if they were trained. 

In Winter Guard #3 written by Ryan Cady with art by Jan Bazaldna, Red Guardian and White Widow are on the run and find themselves in the presence of a vampire horde. The Winter Guard quickly catches up with them, but they do not dare attack while Red Guardian and White Widow are under the protection of the vampires. Once that protection is lifted, however, the two fugitives make a run for it, and the Winter Guard rushes for them which sets up a familiar scene fans first saw in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film. 

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In the MCU film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes face off on the screen for the first time, with the Winter Soldier hunting Captain America throughout while the Avenger works to take down the Hydra threat. In one of the most famous scenes in the movie, Captain America throws his mighty shield at the Winter Soldier, and instead of yielding, Barnes simply turns around and grabs it with one hand, throwing the shield back at Rogers. Just like what fans saw in the movie, one of the members of the Winter Guard, Vanguard, throws his shield at Red Guardian, and just like Bucky did, Red Guardian snagged the shield and threw it back at the attacker. Could these two instances be entirely coincidental or is there something more to the specific move? 

While the Red Guardian is not associated with Hydra as the Winter Soldier once was, he was still the enemy of Captain America and had to be ready to fight the hero at a moment’s notice. Winter Soldier and Red Guardian were sworn enemies of Cap because of their affiliated groups, so it makes sense that their training would be similar. Captain America is known for using his shield in combat, both as a melee weapon and long-distance when he throws it. Red Guardian’s actions in his latest comic adventure and the similarity it has to Winter Soldier’s actions make it seem as though both received shield-catching training in order to remove the threat of Captain America’s shield-throwing move. 

The circumstances raise a hilarious question about Winter Soldier’s training in the MCU after fans witnessed such an awesome scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The initial assumption was that the Winter Soldier was simply incredibly fast and strong, able to catch the shield when no other villain could before. Though with Red Guardian pulling off the same feat, and both being Captain America adversaries, it is entirely possible that the Winter Soldier was trained to catch Captain America’s shield, a funny twist to the initially epic movie moment.

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