Real Housewives Of Potomac: Why Fans Think There’s A Colorism Issue

After six seasons, The Real Housewives of Potomac fans believe there is a colorism issue on display when it comes to certain cast members. Candiace Dillard and Wendy Osefo have both engaged in verbal spats with their co-stars. While they've issued out just as much shade as their counterparts, for some strange reason they're the only two current cast members who are being labeled as "aggressive" on and off the show. During the reunion, Wendy asked Ashley Darby if she feels the show has a colorism issue. While Ashley noted that colorism exists, she doesn't think it's on their show. But viewers are voicing their opinions and many think there is a lot of double standards taking place against the only two brown skin women on the franchise.

As a show veteran, Candiace's mouth has gotten her into a lot of trouble over the course of her time on RHOP. Last season, she got into a physical fight with Monique Samuels. In season 6, she engaged in a salad tossing war with newcomer Mia Thornton after making tasteless "yo mama" jokes about her mother, who battles with drug addiction. Many have blasted Candiace's heartless jabs that often result in her not taking full accountability for her actions. The bulk of her criticism comes from viewers who bash Candiace with harsh words like the ones she spews out on the show. But when it comes to Wendy, verbal jabs sound reminiscent of her work as a political commentator. Her strong vocabulary and diction make her reads sound more like a lecture than a low blow.

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However, Wendy has now been grouped into the criticism and is also being labeled "aggressive." Both Gizelle and Robyn Dixon have accused Wendy of being aggressive over the course of the season. During the reunion, the ladies attempted to explain to Candiace why her words often go too far when compared to the things they say. One fan took note of the double standards, tweeting how the show is "really a cast full of villains." "That’s why they are so entertaining and it’s hard to pick sides," Now Check That said. "This also makes the colorism so blatant. Colorism isn’t about who likes who, Candiace and Wendy are being stereotyped as aggressive and angry when they ALL are," they added. Flashback clips during the reunion showed Karen calling Gizelle a drug addict and making up salacious claims against her.


In the past, Gizelle has taken jabs at Karen's husband, saying she hopes he lives despite his old age. They both have taken very low blows at each other. Yet, neither Gizelle nor Karen gets chastised and labeled as "aggressive" by the cast and viewers. Reddit user u/DivaAdventures1230 shared a screenshot of the tweet in a thread where viewers from all backgrounds agreed the show is showing a bias against the only two brown skin women on the franchise. "I just think the pearl-clutching over Candiace and Wendy is so misguided and transparent," one person said. "There are some definite double standards possibly rooted in colorism," added someone else. "I was a little surprised Ashley said colorism exists, but not on the show."

With The Real Housewives of Potomac cast being some of the strongest shade throwers across all franchises, it's hard to say who is the most aggressive. All of the ladies have taken the gloves off when it comes to arguing with a cast member that they're not getting along with. Candiace's harsh remarks make it hard to defend her colorism claims. But when looking at how Candiace and Wendy have been the only ones this season to receive the title, it does point to a possible bias within the cast and viewers. It's worth being mindful when passing judgment on the ladies, especially when some issues might be rooted in discrimination.

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