Princess Switch 3 Doubles Down On Its Netflix Christmas Universe Plot Hole

Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star has doubled down on a confusing plot hole within the Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe (or NCCU) with the introduction of another surprising cameo. The Princess Switch series has already featured cameos from cast members from A Christmas Prince amidst its delightfully illogical saga of doppelgangers switching places. However, with their latest cameo appearance from another character from the Christmas Prince films, Princess Switch 3 has raised even more questions about the NCCU’s overreaching plot.

In Princess Switch 3, Princess Stacy Wyndham of Belgravia and Lady Margaret Delacourt, Queen of Montenaro (both played by Vanessa Hudgens), find themselves in the middle of an international jewel heist after a priceless artifact gifted to Montenaro by the Vatican is stolen by a billionaire named Hunter Cunard. It’s then that the previously introduced third doppelganger in the series Lady Fiona Pembroke (again, played by Vanessa Hudgens) acquires an invitation to Hunter’s Christmas party at his estate, where the trio will stage a jewel heist to reacquire the Vatican’s artifact. In typical Princess Switch fashion, Margaret inevitably must step in to impersonate Fiona at the party, and distract Hunter from the heist in progress.

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At the party, Margaret as Fiona runs into A Christmas Prince’s Count Simon of Aldovia, claiming to be one of Fiona’s friends, despite characters in the first Princess Switch film watching the Netflix movie A Christmas Prince on TV. This is not the first time that Princess Switch has created a confusing plot hole within the NCCU. In Princess Switch 2: Switched Again, Queen Amber and King Richard II appear at Margaret’s coronation in Montenaro as well, making the Christmas Netflix movies all the more confusing.

Though Count Simon appears in all three movies within A Christmas Prince’s trilogy, his cameo appearance within Princess Switch 3 seems to double down on retconning the original Princess Switch’s easter egg involving the NCCU. Since characters in A Princess Switch watch A Christmas Prince on Netflix towards the end of the first film, this implies that Count Simon is nothing more than an actor playing a character. However, his appearance in Princess Switch 3 confirms yet again that Aldovia is actually a real place within the NCCU, and that Count Simon (despite all his nefarious plotting against the royal family) is an important figure within royal society.

As mentioned, this is not the first time the increasingly complicated Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe has attempted to undo their original nod towards A Christmas Prince. In Princess Switch 2: Switched Again, Queen Amber and King Richard II appear at Margaret’s coronation along with their baby Elleri. Their appearance at the end of this film implies that not only is Aldovia a real country in this universe, but that Montenaro is friendly with the royals of Aldovia, and perhaps even an ally country, making A Christmas Prince’s appearance in the first Princess Switch as an actual movie on Netflix even more bewildering.

The Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe has never been a franchise that extolls realism. However, the addition of more cameos by characters from A Christmas Prince has continued a perplexing trend of doubling down on creating a shared universe between the two trilogies and other Christmas Netflix movies. Either way, it’s a safe bet that the intersection of these characters throughout both Princess Switch 2 and Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star means a crossover event is likely on the way.

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