Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: Poffins Guide

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl allows trainers to cook up tasty Poffins for their Pokémon to increase their Sheen and boost their friendship level. Introduced in the original Diamond & Pearl games, Poffins are one of the best treats a trainer can give their Pokémon and come in various flavors that Pokémon love - and hate. Poffins are also a crucial element of winning Super Contests, especially at the Ultra and Master levels, since they raise a Pokémon’s condition stats when eaten.

Super Contests can be entered in Hearthome City’s Contest Hall, giving trainers the chance to compete with their Pokémon in performance-based competitions that judge their appearance, dancing, and special moves. Players can use anything to their advantage, including Ball Capsule decoration and a special Super Contest outfit that can only be worn during Super Contests. However, Poffins are the most crucial aspect of winning Super Contests in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl and, as such, can be a bit complicated to make.

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Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are judged based on five conditions: Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Cleverness, and Toughness. Each flavor of Poffin can be used to raise a corresponding condition so the Pokémon will perform better in the Super Contest’s Visual Competition. A Poffin’s taste will depend on the Berries that are used for cooking it.

  • Spicy Poffins raise Coolness
  • Dry Poffins raise Beauty
  • Sweet Poffins raise Cuteness
  • Bitter Poffins raise Cleverness
  • Sour Poffins raise Toughness

There are 64 types of Berries that can be found in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, each with its combination of the five flavors. Up to four Berries can be cooked at a time, and cooking more Berries into a batch will yield more Poffins. Likewise, combining Berries of different flavors will produce Poffins with more than one flavor, like bitter-sweet or dry sour. To get cooking, players will need to first find a Poffin Case.

The Poffin Case is the only way to store Poffins in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, so aspiring Poffin chefs will need to acquire one before they can start cooking. Once players make it to Hearthome City after defeating the Oreburgh Gym and Eterna Gym, they’ll be able to get the Poffin Case from the chairman of the Pokémon Fan Club. He’ll be inside the Pokémon Fan Club, the blue building with the orange roof at the city’s entrance, just to the right of the PokéMart. The Poffin case can be used from the Key Items pocket of the bag, and it can also be registered to the + button’s quick menu.

After obtaining the Poffin Case, players can head to one of two cooking pots in BDSP's Hearthome City. The first is inside the Poffin House, which is the green-roofed building to the left of the PokéMart. The other is just northeast of the fountain in Amity Square, which trainers can enter if they have a cute Pokémon with them. When using the cooking pot, players will be able to select which Berries they want to use and check their flavors on the Berry Tag by pressing the Y button. Using more than one of the same type of Berry in the batter will produce a Foul Poffin, which not only tastes terrible but has random, minimal effects on Pokémon conditions.

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With their Berries selected, players will have to stir their Poffins until they’re fully cooked by spinning the joystick in the direction indicated by the pot’s arrow. Stirring too fast will cause the batter to spill, and stirring too slow will cause it to burn. The batter will thicken up as it cooks, so it’s better to stir slowly in the beginning and speed up as the Poffin finishes baking. Getting the cadence down may require a few tries, but keeping the batter as close to the edge of the pot as possible without spilling is the best way to ensure it doesn’t burn. Too many spills or burns during a cooking session will produce a Foul Poffin.

When fed to Pokémon, Poffins increase their Sheen as well as their condition stats. Sheen is an essential factor in the Super Contest’s Visual Competition. Pokémon entering the Ultra and Master ranks will usually require a higher Sheen to score well enough to win. Their condition stats will also have to be high enough to win the category they’re entering, so Pokémon should be fed Poffins with flavors corresponding to the condition that the trainer wants to increase. Poffins can be fed to Pokémon by opening the Poffin case and selecting a Poffin, which will give players the option to either feed it to a Pokémon or throw it away.

Pokémon’s favorite flavor of Poffins depends on their nature, which can be checked on the second screen of the Pokémon’s summary. However, the flavors that Pokémon dislike are not displayed, but they’re less effective than Poffins they do like. Feeding a Pokémon a Poffin that they dislike can also decrease its friendship stat, so it’s essential to be sure that the Pokémon chosen to participate in a Super Contest can eat the Poffins that will increase the desired stat.

  • Adamant: likes Spicy, dislikes Dry
  • Bashful: no preference
  • Bold: likes Sour, dislikes Spicy
  • Brave: likes Spicy, dislikes Sweet
  • Calm: likes Bitter, dislikes Spicy
  • Careful: likes Bitter, dislikes Dry
  • Docile: no preference
  • Gentle: likes Bitter, dislikes Sour
  • Hardy: no preference
  • Hasty: likes Sweet, dislikes Sour
  • Impish: likes Sour, dislikes Dry
  • Jolly: likes Sweet, dislikes Dry
  • Lax: likes Sour, dislikes Bitter
  • Lonely: likes Spicy, dislikes Sour
  • Mild: likes Dry, dislikes Sour
  • Modest: likes Dry, dislikes Spicy
  • Naive: likes Sweet, dislikes Bitter
  • Quiet: likes Dry, dislikes Sweet
  • Quirky: no preference
  • Rash: likes Dry, dislikes Bitter
  • Relaxed: likes Sour, dislikes Sweet
  • Sassy: likes Bitter, dislikes Sweet
  • Serious: no preference
  • Timid: likes Sweet, dislikes Spicy

Once a Pokémon’s Sheen is maxed out, they won’t be able to eat any more Poffins. Sheen will never decrease once raised, so trainers hoping to succeed in Ultra and Master Super Contest ranks should plan to feed their Pokémon the best Poffins to increase their conditions strategically. The smoother the Poffin, the more the Pokémon’s Sheen will increase, so the best Poffins will have a low smoothness and high level to maximize condition stat increases. By cooking lots of Poffins, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl players will have a significant advantage in Hearthome City’s Super Contests.

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