Perseverance Photos Show Fascinating Details On The Martian Surface

The surface on Mars is unlike anything on Earth, and thanks to stunning new photos from NASA's Perseverance rover, we have incredible new looks at the alien planet. While it's certainly fun to imagine humans traveling to and living on Mars, it's important to remember how much different it is from our home planet. Compared to Earth, Mars has considerably less oxygen in its atmosphere, is much colder, and has no evidence of active life or flowing water. In other words, it's not a destination that's very friendly to humans.

In the meantime, scientists and astronomers are using sophisticated robots to explore Mars in as much detail as possible. In 2021, these robots are more advanced and capable than they've ever been. They've helped us look inside Mars' interior, take thousands of photos of the planet, and even collect rock samples that'll be returned to Earth for further examination.

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One such robot is Perseverance. Since landing on Mars in February 2021, Perseverance has been an incredible asset to NASA — partly thanks to its great photography skills. Perseverance just uploaded the latest batch of pictures from its Mars journies, and two images stick out as being particularly noteworthy. The first photo is seen above and was captured with Perseverance's SHERLOC WATSON camera (located toward the end of Perseverance's arm). The image shows one area of the Martian surface and the many fine details in it. There's a large rock in the middle with jagged edges and orange sand covering it. To the left and right are lower portions of the ground filled with dirt and pebbles.

But that's not the only Perseverance photo that caught our eye! The second picture was also taken with the SHERLOC WATSON camera and is another view of the Red Planet's surface. As you'll quickly notice, however, it looks considerably different. This part of the ground appears to be mostly dirt/sand, with there being tiny craters and lines scattered throughout. These are likely the result of millions of years of wind and sandstorms that frequent the planet. They're small details that Perseverance could have easily overlooked, but it preserved them forever thanks to its keen photographic eye.

These types of pictures are where robots like Perseverance really shine. It can be easy to think of Mars as a boring planet that's nothing but dust and rocks. While that's true to a certain degree, Mars' rich history means there are countless little details like these just waiting to be uncovered. We may not ever be able to see them with our own eyes, but thanks to Perseverance and its robot siblings, we don't have to.

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