My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Why Whitney Got Dragged For Firing Ashley

Followers of My Big Fat Fabulous Life were displeased when Whitney Way Thore fired Ashley Baynes from her NoBS Active company after receiving a new contract. The two women have been friends for an extremely long time, with Whitney even acting as a birthing coach. But in light of recent events, Whitney is still standing by her decision, saying it is all about business.

Since My Big Fat Fabulous Life premiered in 2015, Whitney has had a tight crew by her side. Ashley has been one of the dancer's closest confidants and has stood by her during important life events. TLC fans have watched Ashley pick up the pieces after numerous breakups and even went wedding dress shopping with Whitney. The two women have always shared a sweet connection, but this latest season showed a bit of tension between the two.

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During an uncomfortable episode, Whitney had to relieve Ashley from her human resources duties at her company after Whitney hired a new team to help her. After receiving a lucrative contract for her workout regime, Whitney had to defend her decision to sack her best friend. Immediately, My Big Fat Fabulous Life followers started to strike out against Whitney. The immense backlash caused the dancer to stand firm within her decision, saying, "This kind of abuse is not okay." TLC followers felt that the star had mistreated her friend and wanted justice for Ashley. Check out Whitney's retort below:

The Greensboro native's lack of remorse did not help her case, but Whitney wasted no time in clapping back at trolls. She pointed out that viewers have no idea what her life is like, claiming that fans have no concept about what goes on during her day-to-day activities. It is clear that Whitney doesn't feel she wronged Ashley, even though the mother of one divulged she was not happy with the decision. Whitney pointed out that Ashley still has her main career, but fans noted that she missed out on a promotion while working for NoBS Active.

Even though viewers of My Big Fat Fabulous Life feel that Whitney's actions spoke louder than her words, the two women are still close friends. Within the comment section, Ashley echoed Whitney's sentiment by saying that she and Whitney had been friends for over 20 years, and nothing was going to change that. Both women tried to make it clear that fans need to tone down their judgment and just enjoy the show for what it is: entertainment.

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

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