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Though the MCU features heroes saving the day, there are some inevitable casualties along the way. Sometimes these deaths are welcome, as with the villains. Other sacrificial deaths. like Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame, are heartbreaking yet necessary. However, there are also a number of deaths that didn't need to happen.

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These deaths can be even sadder and occasionally frustrating when it is clear how unnecessary they were. Whether there was a simpler option that would have avoided death or certain character decisions that could have been made, these MCU deaths could have been avoided.

10 Thanos

Thanos is one of the rare characters who was given two separate deaths. His final death in the climax of Avengers: Endgame was very necessary to save the universe, but the one that killed off present-day Thanos was quite short-sighted.

When the Avengers arrived to take the Infinity Stones from Thanos, they found he'd destroyed them. In a rage, Thor decapitated Thanos. While his anger is understandable, seeing an Avenger execute a badly injured enemy who could have still been very useful was quite shocking.

9 Yinsen

Yinsen is a bit of an underrated hero in the MCU as he was integral in the creation of Iron Man. He helped Tony Stark build the first suit while they were held captive by the Ten Rings. But when their captives attempted to stop them, Yinsen gave his life to buy Tony more time.

Yinsen recklessly chases the soldiers while firing his weapon until he is finally gunned down himself. He could have just stood at the doorway firing the weapon while keeping himself safe until Tony's suit was ready.

8 Jackson Brice (The Shocker)

The first villain to take on the persona of Shocker in the MCU was Jackson Brice. He was a member of Adrian Toomes' crew and didn't take their work very seriously. So when Toomes fired him, Brice made the error of threatening to expose their crimes.

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Toomes responded by firing a gun at Brice that turned him into a pile of ash. Unfortunately, Toomes thought it was an anti-gravity gun and seemed as though he didn't really plan on killing Brice at all.

7 Wenwu

Reinventing the character of The Mandarin, Wenwu became one of the best MCU villains with his complex motivations and ruthless ambition. He also finds redemption and passes his powers onto his son just before his death.

However, Wenwu could have redeemed himself and still lived. After saving Shang-Chi from the Dweller-in-the-Darkness, Wenwu paused, seeming to sacrifice himself, but he could have fought alongside Shang-Chi rather than just give up and leave his family again.

6 Maya Hansen

Maya Hansen was a character who was sort of a villain, but not really. Though her heart was in the right place, she was responsible for allowing Aldrich Killian to build his army of Extremis soldiers. However, she also attempted to stop him when he went too far.

Maya's big plan for redemption was to threaten to kill herself so there would be no one to keep Killian and his men stable. Killian clearly didn't care and simply shot Maya. If she really wanted to help, she could have just waited for Killian to leave and helped free Tony instead of her misguided blackmail.

5 Erik Killmonger

Though he was brutal and murderous, Erik Killmonger was a sympathetic MCU villain which made him so compelling. It also led to his heartbreaking death scene after he was fatally wounded by T'Challa but refused to be helped.

Killmonger's desire to avoid imprisonment was a powerful moment, but it was also sad to think about the other possible outcomes. It was clear T'Challa saw that Killmonger had a point in his philosophy and even learned lessons from it. Had Killmonger allowed himself to be saved, they could have changed the world together.

4 Black Widow

Tony Stark's death in Avengers: Endgame was beautifully done but it also took the attention away from Black Widow's equally heroic death earlier in the movie. In order to get the Soul Stone, she killed herself and saved Hawkeye.

For starters, sending the two human Avengers to get the one stone no one knew anything about was a foolish idea. Also, if they could go back in time, they could have all just ambushed Thanos at his farm when he was weak and before he destroyed the stones.

3 Loki

Thanos' position as the biggest villain in the MCU was immediately established in Avengers: Infinity War when he killed Loki in the opening scene. It was certainly effective and tragic as Loki had just redeemed himself in Thor: Ragnarok.

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But while the death had interesting ramifications, seeing the God of Mischief die because he tried to pull off a lazy and obvious trick on Thanos was uncharacteristic. Loki could have simply let the Mad Titan take the stones and leave while he a Thor planned their next strategy.

2 N'Jobu

The birth of Killmonger as a villain came out of the death of his father, N'Jobu. The brother of King T'Chaka was operating in secret in America but also betrayed Wakanda by helping Klaue smuggle Vibranium. He is killed by his own brother when N'Jobu attempted to kill Zuri.

While N'Jobu had to be stopped, there was a lot T'Chaka could have done rather than kill his brother. He had already easily disarmed him so stabbing him with his claws was totally uncalled for.

1 Phil Coulson

Phil Coulson was an impactful death in The Avengers as it brought the heroes together to start operating as a team. When Loki had Thor trapped, Coulson attempted to intervene only to be stabbed.

As heroic as it might have been, Coulson's intervention accomplished nothing. Loki still dropped Thor from the helicarrier and Thor still managed to escape. Even after he died, Tony Stark rightly pointed out that it was pretty foolish of Coulson to attempt to take on a god. He could have just sat out that fight and it all would have still worked out.

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