Marvel's Spider-Man Glitch Looks Like Dr. Strange's Portal

Dr. Strange never appears in Marvel’s Spider-Man, but a recently discovered glitch makes it seem like the Sorcerer Supreme is about to emerge to help Spidey in a battle against Silver Sable’s forces. Insomniac’s critically-acclaimed 2018 superhero action game contains plenty of Easter Egg references to the larger Marvel universe, including iconic Marvel locations like Avengers Tower and Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, which are visible in the open world of New York City as Spidey swings around during his usual super-hero travels. These important locales can even be photographed by the player in order to earn Landmark Tokens, which can be used to upgrade Spider-Man's tools and even unlock new suits.

While Insomniac's Marvel’s Spider-Man and its 2020 follow-up Spider-Man: Miles Morales have been praised for being incredibly polished and detailed, fans have still uncovered a fair share of bugs and glitches, as they would in any other AAA video game. Spider-Man: Miles Morales seems to have gotten the lion’s share of wacky bugs, with Miles occasionally being locked in his civilian outfit and transformed into everyday items like a trash bin or a street lamp. Of course, Peter Parker is no stranger to his game suddenly glitching out in an amusing way either, although it seems his encounters with strange gameplay events have more to do with who he might be bumping into rather than what he becomes.

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Reddit user RiepingCaio posted a brief gameplay clip of an amusing glitch they came across while playing Marvel’s Spider-Man to r/Spider-ManPS4. Spidey, while battling members of Silver Sable’s high-tech Sable International army, uppercuts one into a street sign above him. A swirling orange energy effect suddenly appears under the grunt as he hangs suspended in midair, one that looks suspiciously like the portals Dr. Strange utilizes in the MCU.

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This accidental Dr. Strange reference in Marvel’s Spider-Man comes at an interesting time, as the Sorcerer Supreme is set to appear in next month’s Spider-Man: No Way Home. There, Strange tries to help Peter regain his secret identity by casting a mind-wiping spell on the world - only to put the fate of the multiverse in jeopardy by accidentally summoning villains from parallel realities (and past Spider-Man movies). On the gaming side of things, Strange will be featured in next year’s Marvel’s Midnight Suns, where he helps awaken a new hero by the name of the Hunter to help save the world from the demonic queen Lilith - who just so happens to be the Hunter’s mother. Meanwhile, Spider-Man is currently swinging his way into Marvel’s Avengers as a PlayStation-exclusive DLC character next week. Dr. Strange is notably absent from this title, despite many fans wanting Crystal Dynamics to bring him in.       

Peter could probably use an assist from Dr. Strange in his gaming adventures, as the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will see him and Miles face off against dangerous villains like Venom and Kraven the Hunter in a plotline that is said to be much darker than either of Insomniac’s past Spider-Man games. In the meantime, the Sorcerer Supreme might be content to simply check in on Spidey during his earlier battle against Sable International and the fledgling Sinister Six in the original Marvel’s Spider-Man with a quick portal spell.

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Source: RiepingCaio/Reddit

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