Manifest Season 4: Release Date, Updates & Story Details

Here's everything we know about Manifest season 4, including its release date, story, and cast. Premiering on NBC in 2018, Manifest quickly found a big audience as viewers tuned in to find out what happened to Flight 828. Fast forward a few years, though, and Manifest was surprisingly canceled by the network despite season 3's cliffhanger ending. Although it looked for a time that this would be the end of the show, Netflix eventually swooped in to help save Manifest season 4.

The third season of Manifest continued the stories of Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) and his family as they dealt with the various challenges that came their way as a result of the callings. This included Ben searching for more answers about what really happened to Flight 828's passengers, Saanvi Dahl (Parveen Kaur) aligning herself with Vance to research the plane's tail, and Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxborough) leaving her position with the NYPD. All of this transpired as the passengers rapidly approached their Death Date. But, Manifest season 3 concluded with major events that will inform season 4, such as Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis) dying and Cal Stone (Ty Doran) aging several years.

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It's been a rollercoaster for fans to get Manifest season 4, but now that it is confirmed to be on the way, information on what it will contain continues to surface. This includes news on how many episodes Manifest season 4 will have when it could release on Netflix and what characters and story threads it will continue to follow. Here's everything we know about Manifest season 4.

Right when NBC canceled Manifest after three seasons, speculation began that Netflix could save the show. This came due to the show's growing popularity on the streaming service. It took more than two months for NBC and Netflix to come to an agreement on how to make Manifest season 4 happen with series creator Jeff Rake. This includes an expanded episode count by Netflix's standards, as Rake has 20 episodes to work with as he crafts Manifest's ending. Due to the longer episode count, it is expected that Manifest season 4 will be released in multiple parts.

Netflix has yet to confirm exactly when Manifest season 4 will be released. Production on the final season began in November 2021, and it will take several months for the cast and crew to complete the final 20 episodes. Without a confirmed timeframe on Manifest season 4, fans might have to wait until late 2022 or early 2023 to see new episodes. If Netflix applies the two-part release strategy, Manifest season 4 part 1 could arrive in late 2022, and part 2 could release sometime in the spring of 2023.

Manifest season 4's cast will see just about every major character from the show return. Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxborough, Parveen Kaur, and J.R. Ramirez (Jared) will all be back in starring roles. It is also known that Matt Long will return as Zeke in some capacity, while Ty Doran will continue playing the older version of Cal. Fans should also expect to see more of Luna Blaise's Olive Stone, Holly Taylor's Angelina Meyer, Frank Deal's Captain Daly, and Daryl Edward's Robert Vance. Manifest season 4's cast could also bring back any number of actors from past seasons.

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Specific story details for Manifest season 4 have yet to be revealed, but it is expected that another time jump will take place. This will allow the show to move closer to the Death Date for Flight 828's passengers, which has long been viewed as the natural endpoint for the series. Manifest season 4 will surely address the fallout of Grace's death, what Angelina did with Olive and Eden, and Cal's sudden growth, all while Ben leads the other passengers in figuring out how to save their "lifeboat."

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