KUWTK: Inside Kourtney & Travis' Romantic Movie Night On The Beach

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kourtney Kardashian spent a romantic evening with her fiancĂ© Travis Barker by having dinner and watching a movie on the beach. The pair have been together since early 2021 and announced their engagement in October. Despite public opinions, Kourtney and Travis do not hold back when it comes to PDA. Since they started dating, the two have been inseparable and constantly appear on Kourtney's Instagram feed, holding hands and kissing.

The couple seems to be basking in the reemergence of early 2000s pop-punk culture alongside fellow celebrity couple Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, born as Colson Baker. Travis and Colson have collaborated on music together, and Travis seems to act as a mentor and role model for the younger singer. Throughout 2021, both couples have packed on the PDA to mixed reactions from fans. In October, Kris Jenner even spoke out about Travis and Kourtney, saying the two make her want to hide in a closet.

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On Saturday night, Kourtney and Travis got into the holiday spirit, having dinner on the beach and then watching Home Alone on a huge pop-up screen. Kourtney shared a series of photos and videos from the date on her Instagram page. It appeared that the two had a romantic dinner on the beach and then moved over to some lounge chairs set up in front of a movie screen to watch the Christmas classic film. Although it seemed romantic, in some of the videos you can hear Kourtney's kids, so it looks like it was a family affair. In typical Kourtney and Travis fashion, their date night setup was lined with romantic candles, similar to Travis' proposal to Kourtney.

The two concluded the date with an extravagant firework show. One video in Kourtney's post showed Travis as he pressed a button on the fireworks control panel, setting them off on the beach in front of them. The reality tv star also shared a quick clip of her and Travis snuggled together, watching the fireworks display. Kourtney captioned the post with a series of emojis, and it currently has over one million likes.

Kourtney and Travis are certainly not the only ones getting into the holiday spirit with their favorite Christmas movie, but they may be one of the few doing it in such an elegant way. While other people are lounging near the fireplace this holiday season, Travis and Kourtney's plans are a little less traditional. The couple is making it clear that their date nights aren't going anywhere, and they will continue to show off their relationship all over social media. If fans want more, The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star will surely be keeping everyone up to date with more of her holiday plans on Instagram.

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